Let’s Agree: YVC video for IDAHOT 2017

In celebration of IDHATOT 2017, YVC releases “Let’s Agree”, a video that highlights the importance of agreeing to put an end to discrimination, agreeing to provide equal opportunity to work for all, agreeing to put an end to homophobia and transphobia and agreeing to make this world a happier place to live with more love and less hate.

Every day LGBTQ+ people and especially young LGBTQ+ people face abuses, discrimination and sometimes murder. Many young people lose the love, support and protection of their families because of their sexual orientation or gender identify. Lack of awareness lead families to abandon and isolate their LGBTQ+ children when they need their families the most.

The video is developed as part of the IGNITE! mentorship program launched by YVC. IGNITE! mentee from Philippines, Brian Kevin Par has lead the development of the video as part of his small scale project under the mentorship program which focused on LGBTQ+ students. The small scale projects initiative of the IGNITE! mentorship program is supported by ViiV Health Care under their MSM and transgender program.

Alongside launching the video for IDAHOT 2017, YVC is also launching a meme campaign titled #familyIwant, focusing on the idea of family as seen by YVC members. The memes will also be accompanied by blog stories written by YVC members.

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