‘Regional ToT on the Legal Advocacy Toolkit’ , 27-29 May 2018, Thailand

On May 27th-29th 2018, YouthLEAD in partnership with Y-PEER, UNFPA and IATT held a regional training of trainers on the Legal Advocacy Toolkit in Bangkok, Thailand. The training involved 25 participants, representing 16 countries from the Asia-Pacific Region.

The goal of this training was to inform participants of the impact of laws and policies, and how they can get involved to become more knowledgeable surrounding these technical topics. The training involved seminar-style lectures as well as interactive activities to get participants working with the material they were learning. On the last day of the training, a simulation UNESCAP meeting was held for participants to present their proposals on an aspect impacting the lives of Young Key Populations (YKP).  We hope that through this training, the participants involved can disseminate this information to others in their network, and to ultimately have a positive impact for YKP.


33849165_2175900875759512_3611899000074010624_o.jpgMore information will be posted soon through IATT and Youth-LEAD Website.

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