Youth Voices Count leads #UnityForYouth Campaign on IDAHOT 2018

Youth Voices Count leads #UnityForYouth Campaign on IDAHOT 2018

With the global theme “Alliances for Solidarity”, this year’s International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT) called on agencies, organizations, individuals and allies to take a collective stand to fight intolerable acts of discrimination, oppression, marginalization and exclusion of members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer community.

Youth Voices Count led a campaign under the hashtag, #UnityForYouth, calling on partners, community members and allies to send in a message of solidarity for the LGBTIQ community, especially young people who are highly affected by these social inequalities.

The key theme of the campaign is to ask young people (and people who are young at heart) about their commitments, messages and experiences as we take a united stand for young people who face barriers because of their sexual orientation and gender identities.

Several IATT partner agencies along with young people took part in the campaign. Altogether we had close to 100 campaign participants coming from several countries like Tunisia, Vietnam, Pakistan, India, the Philippines, Nepal, Fiji and Indonesia.

UNAIDS Asia and the Pacific Regional Director, Eamonn Murphy, joined in the campaign stating that, “In commemorating IDAHOTB, it is essential for the LGBTI community to walk in solidarity with other vulnerable groups in our society, including migrants, people with disabilities, key populations, people living with HIV and young people. We will achieve greater impact in challenging discrimination if we use our allied voices in demanding that no one is left behind.”


Several other regional agencies also took a stand for the global LGBTQ youth. ASEAN SOGIE Caucus Regional Coordinator, Ryan Villaruel, joined the campaign saying, “This IDAHOT, let’s revive the spirit of solidarity and consciously put it in the core of our activism. The forces behind growing threats towards LGBTIQ rights in ASEAN are larger than our own self. But these can be challenged when we all work together and create synergies with other social justice movements.”

But the most important voice, is that of our young people. Several young people took part in the campaign. For example, Rukshana Kapali of Blue Diamond Society from Yala, Nepal had this to say in unity for the youth,  “This IDAHOT day I call upon all LGBTI individuals to breavely fight against social hate on us, and be visible, be revolutionary in the society that tells us we should not exist.”

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