Call for Applications: First IATT E-Course

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Call for Applications:

“First IATT E-Course on SRHR & Young Key Populations”

Inter-Agency Task Team on Young Key population (IATT) together with its partners Y-PEER Asia Pacific Center, UNFPA, APCASO, UNESCO, Youth Voices Count, UNICEF, YouthLEAD and UNAIDS  are going to conduct the first IATT Ecourse on Young Key Population and SRHR (Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights).

This course intends to bridge the gap in the regional discourse on YKP and SRHR by increasing the conversation with youth activists, youth-led and youth-serving organizations. This course also Intend to bring the information on various issues such as SRHR, Understanding YKPs, better communication channel, and various other issues to young people across Asia Pacific Region and Beyond.

A. Who should join the e-course? 

Young people including young people from the key populations (YKP) activist age 15 – 29 in Asia and the Pacific region.

B. How to join the e-course?

Registration form could be completed within 3 minutes using following link

C. Where will the e-course take place and Cost?

We will use the Google Classroom as the platform of the e-course. Participants do not need to pay any cost for the e-course.

D. How long does the e-course take to complete?

Participants have freedom of choice to attend the offline class as per their convenience and each class will be online for 2 weeks.

The e-course takes about 30- 60 minutes per class. There will be 6 bi-weekly classes which will be completed in 3 months starting on October 12, 2018.

E. What are the e-course topics?

The e-course will provide an information about sexual and reproductive health and rights for young advocates and activists promoting young key populations’ rights and empowerment, especially at national and local levels. At the same time, the course intends to open the discussion of the linkages between SRHR and HIV for YKPs, and what would be required to address young key populations’ specific needs in order for them to realize their rights to well-being as recognized by the SRHR agenda. 

Class 1:  Understanding Young Key Populations and key terms – YouthLEAD

Class 2:  Human Rights and Young Key Population – APCASO

Class 3: Services for YKPs and Figures and Facts – UNAIDS

Class 4:  PreP and PeP – YVC

Class 5: SRHR and CSE – UNESCO

Class 6: Communication and Knowledge Transfer 

F. What will you receive at end of the course?

  • All the participants who complete the course will receive a certificate of participation from members of the IATT on YKP. 
  • The special title will be provided to group participants allowing them privileges to know about the various events and activities in regional Level.
  • One of the participants fulfilling the criteria will be awarded with a full scholarship to attend a regional event in Bangkok in 2019.

G. Questions or concerns?

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