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by hound and eye book

By Hound & Eye – Lost Art Press

Geometry and design are difficult topics to explain through words alone. The statement above, for example, becomes crystal clear once you have actually laid out two arcs that flow sweetly across a given point — right in the book. I know my copy will end up with lots of holes and marks in it. Related This entry was posted in books , layout , patterns , Uncategorized and tagged compass , George Walker , Jim Tolpin. Bookmark the permalink. By the way the cover feels like suede leather. Like Like.
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By Hound & Eye Book Review

Product cannot be added at this time. Choose an option to add an item to your cart. Check availability at all stores. Illustrated in a simple, quirky cartoon style, it follows the main character, Journeyman, and his dog Snidely as they unravel the mysteries of design geometry using only a compass, straightedge and pencil, along with a few simple concepts based on whole-number ratios such as , and The exercises are performed right on the pages of the book, helping you quickly become familiar with traditional principles that were commonly used in pre-industrial times but are all but lost in the modern world.

This is not a book review, it is a book recommendation. One of my weaknesses is that I have no artistic talent or eye for design. The description sounded like just what I was looking for:. Instead of serving up a list of formulas with magical names i. Walker and Jim Tolpin show how much of the world is governed by simple proportions, noting how ratios such as ; and were ubiquitous in the designs of pre-industrial artisans. I purchased the downloadable PDF as it was the cheapest and fastest way to get it. In essence build a richer song of the original.

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Are private eye novels losing their popularity? Is there anything out there living up to the great shamus books of old? For this Top Ten, The Hound, a big fan of Marlowe, Spade and Archer, takes a look at the best of the contemporary US offerings and discovers that the genre is in good hands. The following novels are all predominantly set in the USA, feature American PIs, and were first published this century. PI Elvis Cole is hired by a businesswoman whose daughter is missing. In attempting to find her, Cole is taken, leaving his partner Joe Pike to continue the investigation pitting him against a ruthless human trafficking operation.

They bubbled up out of our exploration into the design world of the pre-industrial artisan. Aside from diving into the historical literature, we took it one critical step further, trading in our tape measures and rulers in favor of dividers, and a straightedge. We are continually dazzled at the simple and profound insights unfolding before our eyes. Pre-industrial builders shared a common design language that spanned cultures, time, and place. That language was what I call artisan geometry or practical geometry. In fact, almost no math is involved besides the occasional two plus one.

I acquit it to writers block for a draftsman or the designer. Nothing comes. I work best with my hands. So, I find my make shift drafting board and said accomplices but still nothing comes. It was in one of these fits that I came across a book, that appeared as though it was just for me. Walker and Jim Tolpin and was illustrated by Andrea Love. The book breaks down the content into four discrete sections beginning with points and lines and ending with solids, I.


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