Okr objectives and key results book

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okr objectives and key results book

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Objectives and Key Results is the first full-fledged reference guide on Objectives and Key Results, a critical thinking framework designed to help organizations create value through focus, alignment, and better communication. Written by two leading OKRs consultants and researchers, this book provides a one-stop resource for organizations looking to quantify qualitative goals and ensure each team focuses their efforts to make measureable progress on their most important goals. From the basic framework to a detailed dissection of best practices, this informative guide walks you through real-world implementations to help you get the most out of OKRs. OKRs help employees work together, focus effort, and drive the organization forward. This book shows you everything you need to know to implement OKRs effectively. Objectives and Key Results is your key resource for designing, planning, implementing, and maintaining your OKRs program for sustainable company-wide success.
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The New OKR Crash Course: An introduction to Objectives & Key Results

Everything you need to implement Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) Written by two leading OKRs consultants and researchers, this book provides a.

The essential OKR reading list

Andrew Grove entered history as the father of OKR and is a person every executive should be familiar with. Before he passed away in , he was a noted technology leader, author, and scientist. This OKR book has the potential to become a standard reference for implementing the goal management framework. It covers everything from the history and definitions of OKR to starting and maintaining an OKR program to case studies from the real world. It is easy to understand and the principles are relevant. For this book, two of the most-noted OKR experts teamed up.

The acronym OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results, a popular goal management framework that helps companies implement strategy. OKR achieves this by organizing employees and the work they do around achieving common objectives. An Objective is a description of a goal to be achieved in the future. An Objective sets a clear direction and provides motivation. An Objective can be thought of like a destination on a map. A Key Result is a metric with a starting value and a target value that measures progress towards an Objective.


Weekly Planning + Quarterly Objectives




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  2. Curtis R. says:

    It is a simple tool to create alignment and engagement around measurable goals.

  3. Nadeaddewin says:

    Still, nothing beats a good OKR book to dig deeper into the methodology.

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    Need a simple online tool for OKRs?

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    Exploring modern OKR software tools like Weekdone (it's free to try) gives a good quick overview of getting started with OKRs – Objectives and Key Results.

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