Hunting and gathering book review

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hunting and gathering book review

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Anna Gavalda has already cast a spell over her French readers; now her best-selling novel about sex, food and loneliness is to be published here. She talks to Kirsty Lang. I shall be wearing a beret and carrying a baguette,' read my email from Anna Gavalda, who clearly believes that we British like nothing better than having our stereotypes confirmed. The French do, too, judging by their appetite for Gavalda's writing. Her latest novel, Hunting and Gathering, is a charming optimistic fable about two quintessentially Gallic subjects - food and sex - which has been at the top of the bestseller charts in France since its publication last year. Her only serious competition is The Da Vinci Code. Gavalda, a slim blonde in her mid-thirties, turns up for our rendezvous without baguette or beret.
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Camille, a talented artist exhausted by ennui and anorexia, cleans offices at night and cowers in a shabby garret by day. Philibert, the fastidious scion of a titled family, peddles museum postcards while squatting in his dead grandmother's Parisian manse, waiting for her estate to be settled. Philibert's roommate, Franck, a talented and womanizing chef with ambition to burn, motorcycles once a week to look in on his stubborn, ailing grandmother Paulette, an "inmate" at a retirement home.


By Almudena Grandes. Translated by Sonia Soto. The east wind that whips Spain's southwest coast can be so trying, explains one of the characters in this long and pleasantly meandering novel, that the courts allow it to be cited "as an extenuating circumstance in cases of assault and battery, physical abuse, even murder. For these emotional refugees from Madrid, the wind takes some getting used to. Why they each came to Andalusia are the mysteries that propel the narrative forward, and Grandes unravels them at a perfect pace, with just enough tension between the revealed and the hidden, the past and present. Sara's story, one of betrayal on many sides, reaches back to the Civil War, and the deal her impoverished parents struck with the devil, in the guise of a well-to-do woman who for a time was Sara's surrogate mother.

In , Hunting and Gathering was, along with The Da Vinci Code or Harry Potter 5, one of those books you kept seeing in the Paris metro during rush hour, its thirtysomething, mainly female, readers alternately smiling or dabbing moist eyes. With sales of half a million in France, and translated into 30 languages, the novel is now being filmed with Da Vinci star Audrey Tatou. Would a synopsis explain such success? Let's try. Downwardly mobile Camille Fauque has abandoned an artistic career to work as a cleaning lady in an office. Living in a tiny, freezing seventh-floor walk up, she's on the verge of collapse, suicide even. Handicapped by an alarming name and worshipful of his anti-Republican ancestors, the aristocratic Philibert is out of touch with modern life, but his bad stammer, and his job selling postcards, makes him more an amiable nincompoop than a far-right crank.

Hunting and Gathering book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Prize-winning author Anna Gavalda has galvanized the liter.
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Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Hunting and Gathering Camille Fauque is a young woman who works as a cleaning lady for a company named All-Kleen. Camille looks like and ordinary girl but she is an artist who became homeless and penniless after her last venture in art forgery ended up badly. Mathilde and Pierre are rich. They are a modern couple of art dealers who know that Camille is a very talented girl. They offer her a very small room in the attic of an old building near the Eiffel Tower, in Paris when she ends up sleeping on their doorstep one night. Click here to see the rest of this review Philibert Marquet de la Durbelliere is an awkward, anxious, young man who stutters all the time. He lives in the same building as Camille.


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