Man finds secret room behind bookcase

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man finds secret room behind bookcase

A secret room behind a bookshelf is cool until a stranger lives inside

Pictures purport to show a set of secret stairs hidden behind a bookcase, along with photographs suggesting someone may be living in the walls. As a hoax it's terrifying enough. If it's real it will likely keep you awake at night for a very long time A user of the online image hosting service 'imgur' has posted pictures purporting to show a set of secret stairs hidden behind a bookcase, along with photographs suggesting someone may be living in his walls. Click here or on the gallery above to read the story
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Published 14.01.2019

We Found A Secret Door To A Secret Room And What We Found Inside Was Chilling...

If you're convinced you can hear strange noises in your house, you may want to take a closer look.

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This sounds like a start to a horror movie, an A-plus-plus-plus internet hoax or one of the scariest things you can find in your home. A user on Imgur was horsing around in one of the rooms in his house when his little brother ran into a bookshelf. Turns out, the bookshelf could open up. Turns out, the bookshelf hid a secret spiral staircase that led to a secret crawlspace where a stranger was apparently staying. According to the Imgur user, here's what the bookshelf looks like when it's not opened up and here's a view of the spiral staircase:.

You may have seen the original viral story on our website earlier. Now some more insight and an update about the weird, hidden, living quarters has come out. I'm still a bit skeptical about the whole situation, but it's so crazy that it might be true. Just like in the movies, a family discovered a secret spiral staircase behind an old bookshelf. The creepy part - there was a crawlspace that looked as if someone had been living in it, completely unbeknownst to the owner! The staircase leads directly into the wall and a small crawlspace is accessible from just a few steps down the stairs.


Now before we go any further, let's be clear that the story has all the makings of a hoax: unbelievable photos, a great story and a surprise-type ending. While horsing around with his brother in their parents' bedroom, said younger brother was pushed by TwoBiteBrownie into what was assumed to be a built-in bookshelf. It opened revealing a hidden room -- and evidence of a potential inhabitant.

In the incredible footage posted to Reddit, a man is seen approaching his brother's unassuming bookcase. While a fourth person questioned the man on if he had to declare the room to the emergency services, in case of a fire. It's not the first time people have been left speechless over a hidden feature in an unassuming house. Britain's biggest family recently shared an insight into their immaculate mansion that fits 21 kids inside. Real Life.



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    Brothers Find Secret Room Behind Bookshelf And Soon Discover Something Super Creepy!

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