Stone cold steve austin vs booker t supermarket

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stone cold steve austin vs booker t supermarket

Stone Cold Steve Austin - Wikipedia

News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. SmackDown Live has aired its final episode on Tuesday nights for the foreseeable future. In June , Kurt Angle came to the ring on SmackDown — arguably the best wrestler in the world at the time — and issued an open challenge. It still holds up as one of the best debuts of all-time and Cena has gone on to become a time world champion. SmackDown gave plenty of stars their start that year, including Randy Orton and Batista. Steve Austin was still recovering from neck surgery at the time, so he was unable to get physical in a WWE ring.
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"Stone Cold" Steve Austin's greatest moments: WWE Playlist

And it incensed me immediately and I knew that a return receipt must be fired now. So as soon as he hit me and I said God dang it and I hit him with a right hand. That would be a shot that I fired that I thought had to be an immediate receipt and we still laugh about that to this day.

Steve Austin explains how much damage was done during his famous grocery store fight with Booker T

He was the reason why so many people tuned in to RAW so often back in the attitude era, and a big draw for new fans and old fans. His surly attitude and antics in the ring are a thing of legend and will go down as some of the greatest moments in WWE history. That was the best part of their interactions. When WCW was taking a nosedive their superstars started moving over to WWE because, quite honestly, they needed a job. But not all of the personalities got along so well. Stone Cold was always known to crack a cold one in the ring but this time he thought he would share.

There is arguably no greater sight in professional wrestling to excite a crown than that of a wild brawl. Since the introduction of the PG Era in the WWE, it appears that big all-in brawls or two stars in a feud brawling across an arena has been thrown out in favor of the heel hiding behind security or sprinting out of the ring at the nearest sight of danger. Even in the recent episode of Raw where Kevin Nash was protected by security from CM Punk, imagine Punk fighting his way through the security to get his hands on Nash, that would have received a massive crowd reaction from those in attendance and at home. First off a more recent brawl. The Nexus storyline when it began was very intriguing and this brawl took place prior to Summerslam I like this one as it showed how bad ass the Nexus was even attacking heels in Chris Jericho, showing that they didn't care who was in front of them, they wanted to show they mean business.

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Steve Austin recently revealed how much damage was done during his and Booker T's famous supermarket showdown at the tail end of The famous skit took place after the invasion angle had come to a close during an episode of SmackDown. Booker T fled the arena and set up shop in a local supermarket, believing he would be safe from Austin if he just hung out there. The paranoid former WCW Champion wound up attacking a bald guy who looked like Stone Cold, only to be hunted down by the man himself a little while later. It's pretty amazing the types of things that stick in fans' minds when it comes to professional wrestling. Yet, two guys hitting each other over the head with gallons of milk and emptying bags of flour on each other is considered timeless and will likely live on for years to come. The supermarket segment between Austin and Booker may have recently been revealed to be an expensive one, but it was most definitely worth the money.

One of the main topics they covered was the famous supermarket fight between Austin and Booker T from an edition of Smackdown in December This supermarket was established in and remained in business until they closed their doors in Austin tormented Booker T all over the arena on that edition of Smackdown after which Booker T left the arena and thought a supermarket was a safe haven. While having a snack from a cereal box, Booker saw someone who looked like Austin and attacked. Once he realised it wasn't Austin he collected himself until he heard the sound of a beer can opening behind him and the epic fight began. The scene included battles in the cooler, Booker T getting thrown into produce, and Austin pouring ketchup, mustard, and flour all over Booker T.


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    Steve Austin born Steven James Anderson on December 18, , later Steven James Williams , [4] better known by the ring name Stone Cold Steve Austin , is an American former professional wrestler , actor, producer, and television host.

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