The book thief the whistler and the shoes

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the book thief the whistler and the shoes

The Whistler and the Shoes

Post a Comment. The Book Thief Wednesday, May 5, The Whistler and the Shoes. The chapter "The Whistler and the Shoes" depicts Rudy and Liesel's childish revenge against their troubles and problems. As Rudy has been beaten down by Viktor Chemmel and Franz Duestcher, he feels that he needs a victory.
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The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Max, Liesel, and Rudy continue their respective activities into the fall, but change comes when Franz Deutscher makes Rudy do push-ups in a manure-covered field. Rudy comes home filthy and tells Liesel he needs "a win" – they need to steal something. Rudy thinks they are trying to.

Summary and Analysis Part 5: The Whistler: The Whistler and the Shoes

All rights reserved. It's late in October and Liesel sees Rudy coming, his face covered in what looks like mud. Rudy tells Liesel to smell him. She realizes it's fertilizer made from cow dung. Franz, the Hitler Youth leader, made Rudy do push-ups in a newly fertilized field. Between Hitler Youth and the Viktor Chemmel incident, he feels like a big fat loser. He needs a little success.

The Book Thief

Saving Mr. Banks

OH NO!!!!! Why were they manuring the field, and then using it. That Deutscher is nearly as evil as Viktor Chemmel! What sort of win? Of course.

It's October Rudy comes home from Hitler Youth covered in manure; their running field had been fertilized, and Franz Deutscher made him run. He tells Liesel that he wants to steal something without Chemmel and the gang. Liesel decides she wants to steal from the mayor's house. They check for the open window into the library each day, and finally one evening it's open. The Hermanns start coming downstairs so she and Rudy, who is waiting outside, leave in a hurry, but Rudy leaves her shoes behind. He returns to get them and brings them back to her.


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