And yet the books analysis

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and yet the books analysis

And Yet the Books | Congregation Beth Am

One year I decided that I would decorate one of my teaching rooms with my collection of P oems on the Underground posters that I had kept rolled up in a drawer for years. I had noticed that the gap between the top of the display boards and the ceiling was exactly the same width of the posters. My classroom became one long tube carriage. After a year or so the posters began to peel off the walls. I got a chair and went round the room poster by poster applying first extra Blu-tack and then double-backed Sellotape to adhere them to the walls. Another year went by. The posters continued to peel.
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Czeslaw Milosz's "And Yet the Books" translated into ASL

~“And Yet the Books,” Czeslaw Milosz (d); translated from the Polish by Czeslaw Milosz and Robert Hass, from Scanning the Century: The Penguin Book .

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Jump to navigation. These words, by Nobel prize-winning poet Czeslaw Milosz, celebrate the mysterious and redemptive power of books. Milosz spent World War II in Nazi-occupied Warsaw; he saw his books banned for decades by the Communist regime in Poland; he saw first-hand the efforts of totalitarian regimes to burn or suppress the written word. Books are living things to Milosz. And they persist, despite the turmoil of history, the violent disruptions of nations and upheavals of the earth. It is chilling to recall that less than 20 years after the book was created, the Jews of Spain were gone — murdered, banished, driven underground. Electronic readers — Kindles and their ilk — bring convenience and extraordinary portability to the act of reading.

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I love the physicality of books. I love feeling the paper, hefting the weight, stroking the spine, caressing the leather-bound covers. But what does this mean in the age of eBooks? Some one tried to convince me the other day that paper books were obsolete. I wanted to laugh. How is that child going to be able to have the tactile and neurological connection needed for hard copy books?


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