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exodus gods and kings book

Exodus: Gods and Kings review – holy Moses, wholly acceptable for the devout | Film | The Guardian

Exodus: Gods and Kings is a epic biblical film directed and produced by Ridley Scott. The film was released on December 12, by 20th Century Fox. In BC , Moses , a general and accepted member of the Egyptian royal family , prepares to attack an encamped Hittite army with Prince Ramesses at Kadesh. A High Priestess divines a prophecy from animal intestines , which she relates to Ramesses's father, Seti I. She tells the two men of the prophecy, in which "a leader" either Moses or Ramesses will be "saved" and the savior "will someday lead". During the battle, Moses saves Ramesses's life, leaving both men troubled. Later, Moses is sent to the city of Pithom to meet with the Viceroy Hegep, who oversees the Hebrew slaves.
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Exodus: Gods and Kings

EXODUS: GODS AND KINGS Wants You to Pull up a Chair and Read the Book of Exodus for 11 Hours

Set aside biblical accuracy and historical accuracy. It just needs to tell a compelling story, and it fails miserably. The Exodus story is a rich narrative filled with betrayal, discovery, destiny, and freedom. Moses was adopted and raised in the palace, and grew up with Ramses, and so the two are ostensibly as close as brothers even though Ramses is clearly insecure since Moses is a better person in every conceivable way. Moses builds a nice, quiet life with a new family, but he must give up his peaceful existence when God commands him to fulfill his destiny and free the enslaved Hebrews. Then you have an easy villain in Ramses, who is incompetent, vain, petty, and foolish.

See a Problem?

Yet the final film, released in the UK on Boxing Day, looks set down to slip down if not a treat, then certainly smoother than anticipated. It is half turkey, half triumph — with an odour to match. There are marble halls and indoors ivy, lavish fruit platters and topless slaves fanning toga-clad groupies. Pious Moses dotes on dying dad, the pharaoh Seti John Turturro. Ramses stomps off to fondle his pythons. Moses thinks the slaves should be freed.

By Robbie Collin. What follows is either a delusion or a vision — not that the film sees a need to differentiate between the two. Exodus: Old Testament action. Exodus: British schoolboy to play voice of God for Ridley Scott. Behind the scenes of Exodus.


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    Exodus: Gods and Kings is a epic biblical film directed and produced by of the Hebrews from Egypt led by Moses and related in the Book of Exodus.

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