Charles i king and collector book

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charles i king and collector book

Charles I King & Collector Exhibition at the Royal Academy

Charles i king and collector book Organised in partnership with Royal Collection Trust, Charles I: King and Collector will reunite these astounding treasures. Charles never owned the picture — so why did the curators include it? Charles I: King and Collector is the scholarly and informative exhibition catalogue accompanying a show at the Royal Academy. During his reign, King Charles Iassembled one of Europe' s most extraordinary art collections. This vivid portrait of the tragic king, set against potential conflict and civil war offers a different perspective on art and collecting in England.
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Lucy Chiswell - Charles I: King and Collector Exhibition at Royal Academy by WinkBall

Charles I: King and Collector

View Larger Image. Ask Seller a Question. Title: Charles I: King and Collector. Publisher: Royal Academy of Arts. From Titian to Rembrandt, King Charles I owned one of the most stupendous art collections ever assembled.

The rest is history. Great leaders like to demonstrate their power. These days, it tends to be shows of military might and grand parades of state of the art weaponry. But behind the austere painted faces of the king and court, there is another story to be told. Reuniting works for the first time in years, it captures a singular moment in British history — as an unscrupulous king created arguably the most impressive art collection in the world, while ostracising his parliament and people and catapulting himself on to the scaffold. He was descended from the Bourbons through his mother, his court spoke in French, he was determined to create a unity between his three kingdoms of Scotland, England and Ireland and to marry his children into powerful courts of Europe. England could now reap the rewards of the freedom of movement artists had enjoyed on the continent for generations.

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J ust for a moment the tapestry of grandeur parts to reveal the brutal truth. Armies clash on an English field in a chaos of smoke and horses. From under a furled flag peers the grey, dead face of the monster Medusa, snakes writhing on her severed head. This hideous face and the armies behind it suggest all is not well with the British monarchy. Still barely a teenager when this was painted in the early s, he is portrayed by William Dobson with the proud bearing of a war leader. The painting prophesies that he will become a fearsome fighter. That, of course, is not what happened.

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    Charles I is the only monarch to have been declared a martyr by the Church of England.

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