Big book of earth and sky

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big book of earth and sky

Big Book of Earth & Sky (Panels)

I hesitate to call this a book, and yet it is a book. Book is even in the title. Big Book of Earth and Sky, a 15 foot chart showing the inner core to outer atmosphere. It is really more of a gigantic folding heavy-duty poster with an amazing hardcover case. Whatever you want to call it, this thing is seriously cool.
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Published 07.01.2019

Virtual Riot - Earth & Sky (Free Download)

We are on day 6. Bookmark it for reference!

Big Book of Earth & Sky | Teacher’s Guide| Bodie Hodge & Laura Welch | MB

The Big Book of Earth and Sky is really a book cover that encases a foldout chart that stretches to 15 feet in length. Think of it as an educational resource rather than a book that you read. In between, panels illustrate geological, oceanic, and atmospheric features as well as special topics such as greenhouse gases, marine fossils found high in mountains, rainbows, and cave creatures. Heavily illustrated panels include explanatory information including occasional references to God and Scripture. The chart is printed on sturdy card stock and it folds down accordion-style for storage inside the book cover. Given the height of the chart, you are more likely to use it in a portable fashion so that children can easily view all of the panels.

Master Books has done it again! This wonderful resource is brought to us by the same people as the popular Big Book of History. Surveying the earth and sky from core to outer atmosphere, this "big book" is more like a large wall chart, unfolding to 15 feet long. The twenty-one panels can be viewed individually or conveniently hung on the wall for a comprehensive display. Topics include Earths core, fossil formations and the geological column from a catastrophic flood perspective, crystals and rocks, oceans, erosions, fossils and coal, caves, the water cycle, clouds, tallest mountains and atmospheres. Engagingly illustrated, this wall chart beckons children to dive deeper into the planet we call home.

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