Difference between book smart and street smart

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difference between book smart and street smart

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Published 04.01.2019

Street vs. Book Smarts


Some might think that one is better than the other, but that simply is not true. Being street smart means that you understand common sense and simple things do not slip between that cracks. Where a book smart person is a little sharper when it comes to the facts. Book smart or street smart? However, for some people, it could be a more clear-cut answer.

See comments. Today, we will talk about the word "smart. A person wearing an official uniform with shiny shoes and buttons can look very smart. So, if you hit your thumb with a hammer by accident, you might yell out, "Ow, that smarts! We would probably yell something quite different.

A while ago — a fair while ago, I wrote a series of blog posts detailing the major difference between types of mental competence. I talk about intelligence, cleverness, cunning and wisdom. That post is all about what the words mean, where they come from, and how those types of intelligence are applied, as a means of making sense for a reader when describing your characters actions and behaviors. Earlier this week I saw a Quora question for which I had no adequate answer , and it set me thinking about my original posts, in particular, about what was missing from them. So I came up with a new set of definitions for this trichotomy, but before I tell you all about them, a quick warning: certain cultures, including, until recently, Western culture, see education or personal development as a combination of all three.

Street Smarts

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    Street Smart vs Book Smarts

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    Book-smart or Street-smart: Which Is Better?

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