Mills and boon book covers

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mills and boon book covers

Mills & Boon rips bodices from covers - Telegraph

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ART OF ROMANCE: Mills and Boon and Harlequin Cover Designs

The Bachelorette Mills & Boon Book Covers Are Here

It has been synonymous with romance novels for much of its year history. The book covers once depicted wooden looking couples, with strong handsome men placing a protective arm around a trembling heroine or sweeping her off her feet. But these days you are more likely to see a fierce woman smouldering at the camera while a chiselled man stares lustfully in her direction. Titles have gone from the innocent No Other Man, published in , to Sweet are the Ways in , before landing firmly in the modern day with recent publications like Best Man…With Benefits and Flirting with Intent. And before that, American sitcom Sex in the City — which aired until — normalised discussions about sex between friends.

There was the Arabian prince, the Italian playboy. And, er, the other Arabian prince. They came from all over the world — rarely the UK, urgh barf — but they had several traits in common. Strong, brooding, bright and prone to huffy fits of bossing people about, they were Alpha males before we even knew what that meant. And the women all fitted a formula too.

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Friday 11 October UK News feed. No longer will gipsy heroines sport wind-blown hair and flouncy dresses while nuzzling a man who more resembles Zorro than any normal woman's idea of a romantic hero. The publishing house, which has been going for 92 years, announced yesterday that, in future, covers would feature "contemporary real-life photographs" of "empowered" modern women. Insiders suggested that the switch was because some readers were embarrassed to be seen in public with books with such slushy covers and only continued to buy the novels despite their outward appearances. A company survey revealed that even regular readers - there are an estimated three million - now yearned for a more modern image and a design agency was employed to come up with a new look.


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