Deep and dark and dangerous book summary

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deep and dark and dangerous book summary

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But she finds that a third girl has been torn out of the photo. However,she soon discovers the reason as to why Sissy is so angry. Deep dark and dangerous is not a movie. Deep, Dark, and Dangerous are Horror and Ghost stories. It depends on the believer.
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Deep and Dark and Dangerous: by:Mary Downing Hahn

It all starts with a torn photograph, tucked in a Nancy Drew mystery, that year-old Ali finds, as she is digging through a box of old books from her grandmother's house. It's a picture of her mother, her aunt and someone else. Just an arm shows in the picture and on the back of the photo someone has written Claire, Dulcie and T Ali heads to the kitchen to ask her mom about the mysterious T and suddenly her mom is shrill and tense and slamming her bedroom door with a headache. Ali's life turns when her Aunt Dulcie shows up to ask if Ali can come to the old cabin in Maine to watch her young cousin Emma this summer. For Ali this is a chance to escape her mother's control Mom and Aunt Dulcie are quick to say neither one of them can remember the other girl in the photograph.

October was ideal for delving into all the scary books and movies leading up to a great thrill and scaring ourselves silly. Then, as time continued, the same effect occurred that has been hitting children of all ages for at least a decade now: desensitization. Not much is really scary now, even though many years ago nightmares would be triggered by the simplest of ghost stories. Deep and Dark and Dangerous may very well have succeeded in bringing a little hauntingly scary thrill back into the traditional ghost story. Ali is a year-old girl who has lived most of her life with the traumas of a manic-depressive mother stifling a good portion of her breathing room. Her Aunt Dulcie is the polar opposite of her mother and someone Ali reveres for all her talent and personality.

It was first published on May 21, through Clarion Books and follows a young girl who tries to investigate a torn photograph but gets wrapped up in a larger mystery. Summary Thirteen-year-old Alison O'Dywer is thrilled at the prospect of spending the summer at a lakehouse in Maine as babysitter for her aunt Dulcie's adorable daughter Emma, rather than spending the summer at home with her own moody, sickly mother Claire. Dulcie and Claire have been estranged since they were teens after a family rift both women refuse to disclose to Alison. Prior to leaving for the summer, Alison discovers a photo of her aunt and mother as young girls at the lakehouse; a third girl, labeled only T , has been torn from the photo. Claire claims not to remember who the third girl was.

Deep and Dark and Dangerous is a children's mystery horror novel written by Mary Kirkus Reviews gave the book a positive review and stated that the book had a "satisfyingly chilly but calm resolution". Kliatt also gave Deep and Dark.
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Although her mother is reluctant to let her go, she eventually agrees. Ali keeps finding evidence of a little girl who was most likely her mom and aunt's friend and the only hint to her name is T from a torn photograph. But when she asks her mom and then her aunt about her. They both claim to have no memory of another girl. But Ali suspects they may not be. But Ali suspects they may not be telling the truth. Ali's job is to babysit her younger cousin when your aunt is in her studio painting.


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