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books and books key west

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It is a joint effort of two respected organizations, each of which brings its particular capacities to the venture. Founded by Mitchell Kaplan in , it has since expanded to eight locations, concentrated in the Miami area and also with branches in Grand Cayman and Westhampton Beach on Long Island, and now Key West. Mitchell has been honored in the industry with the Presidency of the American Booksellers Association and was named Independent Bookseller of the Year in But each shares a commitment to a deep and rich selection of great books, fined tuned to the interests and reading habits of its local community. The Studios of Key West is a ten-year-old non-profit arts organization dedicated to enhancing and enriching the cultural life of the city. It provides low-cost studio space to local artists, a residency program for visiting artists, two galleries to display their work, a wide range of classes for both locals and visitors, and a diverse program of concerts, lectures and performances in a seat auditorium. When it relocated last year to a new home in an iconic 15, sq.
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At 78, bestselling author Judy Blume has added a new occupation to her c.

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As a tremendous beach fan, I find myself growing sad as the winter approaches. One place that I have always wanted to go, but have unfortunately never been is Key West, located at the southernmost point of the Keys in Florida and known for its beautiful blue waters and white beaches, flowers, tamarind trees, guava trees, and coconut palms. Even though he was an international jet-setter, Ernest Hemingway fell in love with Key West and called it his home for ten years. Hemingway said that it was like being in a different country while still being in the United States. As he wrote, he had his beloved 6-toed or polydactyl cats around him.

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Key West is as far south as you can drive in the continental U. They love the town, take great pride in its heritage, and have become intimately involved in the culture of their adopted city. We've had no full service bookstore of any kind for years and were desperate for one. There's such a strong literary tradition here. Owner Suzanne Orchard depicts her own shop as a funky, old-school browsing opportunity, specializing in used and rare books. He eventually told us, 'If you and George can find a good space and make it work, I'll do it.

By Florida Weekly Staff on April 06, After fiddling with cumbersome locks and a fussy child, strapped into a bucket seat mounted over the back wheel of one bike, the trio makes their way to a set of glass doors — clearly marked with the words HOURS After finding the doors locked, they proceed to press their faces resolutely against the glass, as though the sheer pathos of their smushed-nose faces will convince the people puttering around inside the store to come open the doors. As they turn to leave, slump-shouldered in their defeat, Judy Blume — bestselling author, National Book Foundation medalist, designated Living Legend by the Library of Congress, famously ardent about portraying adolescence in unflinching terms, whose books, according to the American Library Association, are some of the most often banned books in America and, thanks to the presence of over 82 million book jackets worldwide that bear her face, one of the most immediately recognizable authors in the world — rushes to unlock the doors and hurry outside into the dusk before the family has a chance to re-mount their bicycles. Please come back and see us.

The store is very cute and has a lot of options for books. I was only able to run in really quick When we visited the Keys I was struck by the lack of bookstores, so I quickly researched to find My husband and I went in looking for several books. Love this awesome local bookstore! Such a great selection of books and terrific staff picks. Refreshingly more personal than the typical


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