Between a rock and a hard place book review

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between a rock and a hard place book review

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A totally inspiring and moving true story, which was cringe-worthy in parts. This book has some strong messages to take with you on your own travels. I will never be far from my phone and I will always let my family know where I am going! I gave this book a four-star rating as it was extremely well written and was very emotional in places. When he was leaving small videos on this camera for his family I had to wipe a tear or two from my face. Dressed in a t-shirt and shorts, Ralston, a seasoned climber, figured he'd hike for a few hours and then head off to work.
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Between a rock and a hard place

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

I cannot advise you which to take, or lead you through it all -- you must decide for yourself Blue John is a wild, remote canyon in the red rocks of central-eastern Utah. Saturday morning, April 26th, Sun shining, wind blowing, Ralston unloads his mountain bike from his pick-up, rides across miles of washboard and loose sand before reaching the trailhead and the start of a journey into the soul of a man. Bike over, he descends into the canyon, Phish playing over his headphones, deep in thought and unaware of what lay ahead.

I watch dawn pushing its way into the canyon. It is Thursday, May 1 - day six of my ordeal. I cannot believe I'm still alive. I should have died days ago. Without any task or stimulus, I'm no longer living, no longer surviving. I'm just waiting. I have nothing whatsoever to do.

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Rate this book. From the book jacket: One of the most extraordinary survival stories ever told -- Aron Ralston's searing account of his six days trapped in one of the most remote spots in America, and how one inspired act of bravery brought him home. Comment: This book sat on my desk for some weeks before I eventually opened it up - the reason I delayed was that, frankly, I thought I knew enough of about the story having read the newspaper reports at the time Aron Ralston, an experienced climber on a routine day hike in the Utah Canyons gets his arm caught between a falling boulder and a canyon wall, and after a harrowing six days, cuts his own arm off, rappels back down the cliff face and walks out of the canyon to find help. However, eventually I picked it up and read through the first chapter, and there went my productivity for the afternoon! I must admit that I skipped over some of the latter details, and found some parts of the tale a little overwrought but I'm not the one with my hand stuck under a boulder!


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