Jig and fixture design book pdf

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jig and fixture design book pdf

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3 - 2 - 1 Principle of Location - Jigs and Fixtures - Production Engineering and Robotics -

This new book, "Jig and Fixture Design," contains that part of the volume on " Drilling Practice and Jig Design" which dealt with jigs and fixtures. This material was.


As most jigs are used for drilling operations, a book was previously published entitled Drilling Practice and Jig De sign, covering different types of drilling machines and their use, the design of drill jigs, and, to some extent, the design of fixtures such, for example, as are used on milling machines. While the subjects of drilling and jig design are closely allied, it is no longer possible to cover them both in a single volume, owing to the extensive changes in drilling practice and the increasing use of jigs and fixtures of various types on different classes of machine tools. Therefore, the book referred to has been replaced by two volumes, of which this is one. The other book, Modern Drilling Practice, is already well known to many designers, shop foremen, and machinists interested in the latest types of drilling machines and their use. Company number Registered in England and Wales.

Downloadable Ebooks. Geometric Tolerances. Quality Control Co. Jig and fixture design book is a collection of ideas and concepts in jig fixture design through years of practical experience, especially in clamping devices, metal fixtures, drilling jigs, milling fixtures, inspection fixture etc. A comprehensive introduction to the principles and concepts involved in jigs and fixtures design, beginning with basic clamping devices design follows by Pneumatic jigs and fixtures, clamping devices design and many commercially available fixtures are applied as examples.

Includes bibliographical references, 1. Jigs and fixtures-Design and construction-Handbooks, manuals, etc, I. H46 Press Inc. Printed in the United States of America.


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