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and then they were gone book

And Then They Were Gone | Judy Bebelaar – Poet, Author, Teacher

Works of literary merit. Box Crockett , CA ph: janniedr es att. It has taken half a lifetime to sort out their emotions and responses to what happened to so many of their students at Opportunity High, an alternative school established in the heart of San Francisco where the charismatic minister Jim Jones placed his teenage members of Peoples Temple. Judy Bebelaar was a co-founder of Opportunity, as well as an instructor and school counselor. Ron Cabral not only taught several classes, including journalism and social studies, but coached the baseball team and coordinated the school's radio program. That was more than forty years ago. In , Judy and Ron learned that many of their students had died in the tragic event that has come to be referred to as "Jonestown" and gave our culture the phrase, "don't drink the Kool-aid.
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Judy Bebelaar can be reached at judy judybebelaar. From the Synopsis :. Opportunity was a small public alternative high school set up to deal with disaffected and troubled kids, giving them one last chance to finish high school. In September , approximately Peoples Temple youngsters enrolled, in an arrangement between Jim Jones and principal Yvonne Golden. Though they were there for only nine months — in some cases less — those students changed the school dramatically.

Jump to Content. Search form Search. Description Nine hundred eighteen Americans did not just one day decide to commit suicide en mass. There was considerable history and manipulation behind the scenes--and when the cult was still in California, the teenagers went to a high school in the nearby town. This book is a somber memorial of the children who were lost, written by one of their teachers. She has received national recognition for her success in helping her students find meaning in writing about their lives. He served 35 years in that capacity, finally retiring in

And Then They Were Gone book. Read 7 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Of the Americans who died in the shocking murder- suicide.
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Ron and I have been working on our book for four years now. Ron and I have written this book in order to allow readers to know the idealistic, socially responsible, hardworking students we met in just as we did — as real, flesh and blood human beings, not as symbols of tragedy, nor as mere numbers in a report of deaths. With that in mind, we have written the book more in the style of a novel than as a journalistic report… This book is our way of making a memorial to the young people we knew who died, and giving tribute to the courage of those who lived, and kept on living, in spite of the collapse of utopian dreams, in spite of haunting nightmares, in spite of almost unimaginable grief and loss. Sadly, we know little about her except that she was a poet, and that her aunt Lucy Crenshaw also died in Jonestown. Ron and I knew nothing about Jonestown or the impending exodus to Guyana then.

And Then They Were Gone: Teenagers of Peoples Temple from High School to Jonestown introduces 28 of those Temple teenagers and focuses on the fifteen Bebelaar and Cabral knew best of those who attended the small school until their sudden departures to Jonestown in the spring and summer of Most never returned. And Then They Were Gone tells how two teenage populations met at Opportunity, and made important connections in spite of the Temple rule forbidding fraternization with non-Temple students. When Bebelaar reached out to him after she and Cabral decided to write the book, Stephan was most helpful in getting the Jonestown part of the story right, and generously shared his own vivid writing about life as a teenager in Jonestown. But the young people also found ways to be normal teenagers and to rebel against strict rules in spite of the hard labor required of them and harsh punishments meted out in what had become a prison camp.


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