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Amherst, MA — Together, Leo and Diane Dillon created illustrations of extraordinary beauty and cultural resonance, illuminating global stories of diverse subjects--from the Caldecott Medal-winning picture book Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears to the paperback covers of classic children's literature. Born 11 days apart on opposite sides of the country, Leo Dillon and Diane Sorber b. They worked in concert for 50 years, demonstrating remarkable versatility and a mastery of media. No single style defines their art; they skillfully adopted different modes of expression to best illustrate each narrative. The Dillons are the only artists ever to win the Caldecott Medal in back-to-back years, and the exhibition features original art from those two distinguished books: Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears and Ashanti to Zulu: African Traditions
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Rap -a -Tap -Tap by Leo and Diane Dillon

Cover Art By Leo and Diane Dillon

Much of what I focus on in these Judging Books blog posts is cover design that is quite rare, either because the politics are marginal anarchism! One of the most interesting experiments in book cover design at the time was in the world of science fiction, on the covers of Ace Science Fiction Specials. Mass market sci-fi novels regularly sold in the tens, if not hundreds, of thousands. Into the early s most of the covers of these books were outer-space versions of pulp novels, with lurid aliens and silvery space discs shooting laser beams at each other across craggy lunar landscapes. Quite funny when you look at them today, but also pretty conservative. By the late 60s all of this changes, and at the forefront are the husband and wife team of Leo and Diane Dillon.

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There's something magical about the Dillons' art, not the least of which is that it exists at all. Collaborative art is, by nature, a series of compromises. Somehow the Dillons have managed to compromise themselves into an on-going series of masterworks. They graduated in and were married in Fifty years of collaboration, thousands of images, hundreds of books, five decades of marriage—all filled with creative compromises that are, literally, indescribable.

He was Dillon was the first African-American to receive the Caldecott; the couple remain the only illustrators to have won it two years in a row. The dozens of books for children and adults illustrated by the Dillons include titles by Ray Bradbury, Virginia Hamilton, P. Though artistic teams have long collaborated on illustrated books, it is far more common for one partner to furnish the text and the other the pictures. It is far less common for both to make the art in tandem, as did the Dillons, who began their career jointly illustrating album covers and jackets for adult science-fiction books.



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