David held political theory and the modern state pdf

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david held political theory and the modern state pdf

Political Theory and the Modern State: Essays on State, Power, and Democracy by David Held

L iberal democracy, at its apparent moment of world historical triumph, is besieged. The ineffectiveness and timidity of economic policy in advanced capitalist states suggests a scission between the de jure sovereignty of those states the legitimate right to rule in a demarcated territory and their de facto autonomy the capacity to rule independently. Tossed on the high seas of a Promethean international economy, governments seem unable to do any more than bind themselves rhetorically and institutionally to the perceived dictats of structural deflation, fiscal rectitude and deregulated labour markets. Within the European Union it is clear that sovereignty has been pooled and power redistributed to an extent that neither political elites nor European publics had calculated for. If national governments have so little independent power, why bother voting for them? If power has passed elsewhere, to effectively unaccountable supranational political institutions or international economic actors, then on what does the legitimacy of democratic politics rest?
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Modern Political Theorists

Political Theory and the Modern State: Essays on State, Power, and Democracy

Global democracy is a field of academic study and political activism concerned with making the global political system more democratic. This topic has become a central area of inquiry for established literatures including political philosophy, international relations IR , international law, and sociology. Along with global justice, global democracy has also been critical to the emergence of international political theory as a discrete literature in recent decades. Whereas global justice scholars tend to focus on how burdens and benefits should be distributed by international institutions, global democrats probe how political power can be legitimated beyond the nation-state. Global democracy is therefore concerned with how transnational decision-making can be justified and who should be entitled to participate in the formation of global rules, laws, and regulations. This short entry contains four sections which elaborate upon the possibility and problems for global democracy. The first discusses how globalization impacts upon the nation-state and what this means for traditional conceptions of democracy.

David Jonathan Andrew Held [1] [2] 27 August — 2 March [3] was a British political scientist who specialised in political theory and international relations. Together with Daniele Archibugi , Held had been prominent in the development of cosmopolitanism , and of cosmopolitan democracy in particular. He was an active scholar on issues of globalisation , global governance and was joint editor-in-chief of the academic journal Global Policy. He took his undergraduate degree from the University of Manchester ; [8] upon completing his doctoral studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology he conducted post-doctoral research at the University of Cambridge. Held co-founded Polity press in , which has become a leading publisher in the social sciences and humanities across the world. He was also the General Editor for Global Policy , an academic journal started in that focuses on bridging the gap between academics and practitioners on issues of global significance.

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