Flow and the foundations of positive psychology pdf

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flow and the foundations of positive psychology pdf

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The study is also based on flow theory, according to which some salient features of an activity experience are important for happiness and well-being. Questionnaire surveys on Italian and Greek residents focused on their perceived flow and place identity in relation to their own specific local place experiences. Such findings provide the first quantitative evidence about the link between flow experienced during meaningfully located self-defining activities and identity experienced at the place level, similarly to the corresponding personal and social levels that had been previously already empirically tested. This informative and descriptive finding seems to suggest that flow is broadly reported beyond gender, age, country, or culture. Place identity Proshansky, ; Proshansky and Fabian, , as one of the prominent concepts within environmental psychology, has received worldwide attention mainly by environmental psychologists e.
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A Primer in Positive Psychology

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. Flow has become a popular concept in business and management around the world and research on the concept continues to flourish. A Hungarian psychology professor, who emigrated to the United States at the age of Now at Claremont Graduate University, he is the former head of the department of psychology at the University of Chicago and of the department of sociology and anthropology at Lake Forest College. He is noted for both his work in the study of happiness and creativity and also for his notoriously difficult name, in terms of pronunciation for non-native speakers of the Hungarian language, but is best known as the architect of the notion of flow and for his years of research and writing on the topic. He is the author of many books and over articles or book chapters.

Awakening the Third Eye

Its primary premise is that building positive emotions, strengths, and meaning, in addition to undoing symptoms, is efficacious in treating psychopathology. Positive emotions, strengths, and meaning serve us best not when life is easy but when life is difficult. For a psychologically distressed client, having and using strengths such as optimism, hope, zest, and social intelligence become more important than in good times. This chapter explains the theoretical foundations of PPT, presents empirical evidence that supports accentuating positives as being clinically relevant, and outlines the structure and specific strategies of PPT. Finally, the chapter discusses the therapeutic process and mechanisms of change.


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    Summary: Positive psychology is the study of happiness, flourishing, and what makes life worth living.

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