Accelerated testing statistical models test plans and data analysis pdf

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accelerated testing statistical models test plans and data analysis pdf

A General Accelerated Degradation Model Based on the Wiener Process

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File Name: accelerated testing statistical models test plans and data analysis
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Published 15.01.2019

ALTA 8 Quick Start Guide Chapter 11.1: Accelerated Life Testing Data Analysis - One Stress Type

Accelerated degradation testing ADT is an efficient tool to conduct material service reliability and safety evaluations by analyzing performance degradation data. Traditional stochastic process models are mainly for linear or linearization degradation paths. However, those methods are not applicable for the situations where the degradation processes cannot be linearized.

A General Accelerated Degradation Model Based on the Wiener Process

ReliaSoft ALTA provides an intuitive and user-friendly way to utilize complex and powerful mathematical models for quantitative accelerated life testing data analysis. ALTA provides a comprehensive toolset for accelerated test planning and quantitative accelerated life testing data analysis , plots and reporting. The software is available in two versions and both provide a complete array of utilities for designing accelerated life tests, evaluating the fit of the model, calculating reliability metrics, generating plots and performing related statistical analyses. ALTA software includes a full set of tools for experiment design and analysis DOE and provides the life-stress relationships required to analyze accelerated life test data with up to 8 simultaneous stress types, where stress is constant or varies with time. ALTA provides full support for the analysis of data obtained from quantitative accelerated life tests.

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A method has been developed for virtual accelerated testing of complex systems. Part of the method are an algorithm and a software tool for extrapolating the life of a complex system from the accelerated lives of its components. This makes the expensive task of building test rigs for life testing of complex engineering systems unnecessary and reduces drastically the amount of time and resources needed for accelerated life testing of complex systems. The impact of the acceleration stresses on the reliability of a complex system can also be determined by using the developed method. The proposed method is based on Monte Carlo simulation and is particularly suitable for topologically complex systems, containing a large number of components. Part of the method is also an algorithm for finding paths in complex networks. Compared to existing path-finding algorithms, the proposed algorithm determines the existence of paths to multiple end nodes and not only to a single end node.


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