Ad&d 2e faiths and avatars pdf

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ad&d 2e faiths and avatars pdf

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Published 15.01.2019

Forgotten Realms Pantheon - Myrkul and Mystra

Detailed in this page core supplement are the most prominent religions and deities of the Realms.

Faiths & Avatars

Each god has a description, statistics, and personal history, as well as a description of its Avatar - the god's manifestation in the mortal world and the form that adventurers would be most likely to encounter. The faiths section of each god details that god's church structure, dogma, day-to-day activities, major centers of worship, affiliated religious orders, priestly vestments, adventuring garb, holy days and important ceremonies. This book contains an exhaustive list of all the Lesser through Greater human gods and their churches. The supplement provides numerous spells and special powers for clerics of each different faith. The book was designed by Julia Martin with Eric L. Boyd , [2] and additional design by Ed Greenwood , L.

What makes a god a god? How are divine powers created and how do they die?
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