Jan scholten homeopathy and the elements pdf

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jan scholten homeopathy and the elements pdf

Element Theory Expert System|Jan Scholten|Repertory on Elements

A modern, sophisticated review and integration of leading-edge knowledge about minerals used in homeopathy. The method Jan is offering in his book, seems too beautiful to be true, but it works! It is not easy to explain his method briefly, but I shall try to do so with an example from his college in February A woman of 30 comes with a variety of complaints, such as allergy to the sun, pain in the right forehead, sciatica right, intestinal troubles, swollen and painful breasts before menses, and fatigue. Mind: she needs attention, and compliments. My mother had too little time for us and I was the one who managed. The woman got cured after the remedy.
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Jan Scholten interview (2/4): Plant Classification and Case-Taking

Narayana Verlag, D- Kandern, Tel. / 97 49 Jan Scholten „ Homoeopathy and the Elements”. Index of concepts. Abandoned. Uraniumseries.

Homeopathy and the Elements - Jan Scholten

In other words all that does not deal with one remedy only, and therefore could not be included in the keynote-file for use in the MacRepertory program, or included in the ReferenceWorks Library. This file is complementary to the information found in the keynote-file and within the ReferenceWorks Library. All chapters that deal with the individual remedies are included in the Jan Scholtens Homeopathy and the Elements keynote-file for use with the MacRepertory program , while in the ReferenceWorks Library all the cases from the book have been included also. Scholten, Utrecht. All rights reserved. No parts of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted or translated into any language in any form or by any means without written permission of the publisher. I dedicate this book to humanity Word of thanks While I was writing these words of thanks I realised how many people had contributed to the creation of this book.

The school of homeopathy is founded and has been inspired by Misha Norland. He has always impressed me with his quiet wisdom. This comprises of his knowledge of homeopathy, which is vast, and his in depth comprehension of life and its inter-connective processes. We can see this in his book about the four elements and homeopathy, where the old classification of the four elements is applied to remedies. We can see this in his contributions to homeopathy in the form of many provings.

See french version on interhomeopathy. Language :. See all modern books related to this issue at. The 18 Stages of the Periodic Table The Stages of the periodic table are an essential tool in analyzing cases and remedies. They are called Stages as they represent the stage in a development, the cycle of life. It start with the rise and growth, come to a full development and then decline again, ending in nothing. They agree with the columns of the periodic table.

by Jan Scholten . The fact that this series only has two elements is quite symbolic of its general theme: there are only two possibilities, to be or not to be.
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Jan Scholten's second book is about the physical elements, also called atoms, the basic building blocks of all matter on earth. They are depicted in the famous Periodic table of Mendelejev, which most people will know from chemistry classes in high school. The elements are presented in rows and columns, which reflects their relationship to each other. Elements were put in the same column because they were very similar. Jan Scholten discovered that this resemblance is also the case for the remedy pictures of those elements. Remedies in the same column or in the same row have a similar remedy picture.

Element Theory Expert System eases your way to understanding the complexities of Periodic Table in relation to Homeopathy. This Expert System by Jan Scholten will make it easy for you to understand the relation between the elements in the periodic table and homeopathy. Jan Scholten with his ultimate work on elements has scrutinized the unexplored remedies like Lanthanides, Hafnium or Krypton and explained its use in homeopathy. The Element Theory makes it easy for you to understand the relation between the elements in the Periodic Table and homeopathy. A different approach to perceive a case and understand deeper aspects of patient management. It is now easy to enter and analyse the case history as the patient narrates using the free flow case analysis.


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