The ethics of invention technology and the human future pdf

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the ethics of invention technology and the human future pdf

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This collection draws together a dozen of my essays on risk, law, and comparative policy, and documents the central place of public reason as a connecting thread through several decades of my work. This book, like most of my edited volumes, introduces a new theoretical concept—bioconstitutionalism—to illuminate how ideas about life and lawfulness become entwined at the frontiers of the life sciences. Designs resumes my comparative research after a hiatus of several years. It offers a decidedly post-structuralist account of political culture, focusing particularly on the role of civic epistemologies in legitimating national responses to emerging biotechnologies. Sometimes referred to as the second STS handbook, this volume actually provided the first comprehensive overview of the field on both sides of the Atlantic. Many of my ideas about technology, law, and justice developed while I was working on this book and were first articulated in my introductory essay.
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Published 15.01.2019

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Technical thinking predominates in industrial society. It also predominates ethics. Virtually everything is viewed in terms of the technical model or—more broadly—the reductionistic machine model. Neither of these models has any room for life as a fundamental and decisive factor. Huge problems have been the result.

Technology rules us as much as laws do. It shapes the legal, social, and ethical environments in which we act. Every time we cross a street, drive a car, or go to the doctor, we submit to the silent power of technology. Yet, much of the time, the influence of technology on our lives goes unchallenged by citizens and our elected representatives. Our embrace of novel technological pathways, Jasanoff shows, leads to a complex interplay among technology, ethics, and human rights. Inventions like pesticides or GMOs can reduce hunger but can also cause unexpected harm to people and the environment. Often, as in the case of CFCs creating a hole in the ozone layer, it takes decades before we even realize that any damage has been done.

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