Signs language and behavior pdf

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signs language and behavior pdf

Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders. Sign language production of 14 low-functioning students diagnosed with autistic disorder was examined. Videotapes of the students signing with their teachers were analyzed for frequency and accuracy of sign location, handshape, and movement production. The location aspect of signs was produced more accurately by the subjects than either the handshape or movement aspects. Wide individual differences were evident among the students in the number of signs they produced, accuracy of sign formation, and performance on measures of motor functioning.
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How Permanent Change Happens + What is Habit and Behavior Change(TM)

Morris, Charles. "Signs, language and behavior." (1946). Harvard

Signs, prompts, and symbols are a common means to change behavior in our society. Understanding the psychological mechanisms by which signage influences behavior is a critical first step to achieve the desired outcome. In the current research, we propose a theoretical model of sign-to-behavior process. The model suggests that when one encounters a sign, it is encoded to construct an action representation comprehension process , which is then acted on unless its enactment is inhibited decision process. We test the implications of the model in two studies. In support of our hypothesis, for unfamiliar signs, clarity of purpose predicts perceived effectiveness of a sign; however, for familiar signs, clarity of purpose does not matter. Insights gained from the studies will help to design effective signs.

Prentice-Hall, Inc. New York. This work on semantics in terms of behavioristic pragmatism, by a professor of philosophy at the University of Chicago and one of the moving spirits in the recent " Unified Science " movement, is an expansion of the author's earlier publication, l! The thirty-two page bibliography lists works of a very late date showing the general semantic trend of the mid-twentieth century to be in accord with Mr. Morris' instrumentalist theory. Extensive chapter-notes, appendix, and glossary help the reader to translate that theory, presented as it is in a kind of esoteric Esperanto, into readable English.






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