Mathematics and the physical world pdf

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mathematics and the physical world pdf

The unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics in the natural sciences () [pdf] | Hacker News

I think so much maths comes from thinking about science; really self evident with the development of calculus, statistics, LA, formal logics, etc. Math is as far as we can tell a totally universal building kit for anything we want to set up, all the way from elegant models like Newton's laws to billion-parameter monster neural networks. The surprise is not so much the unreasonable effectiveness of math as it is the unreasonable simplicity of fundamental physics. To be fair though, even Newton's equations have flaws from a pure mathematical physics standpoint [0]. The problem is that certain classes of initial conditions produce infinities. The obvious case is for particle collisions, where gravitational attraction grows without bound in finite time.
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Dr Jason Lisle - The Physical World Obeys God's Math (Fractals)

On the Relationship of Mathematics to the Real World

September 3, report. Mathematics has been called the language of the universe. Yet while these examples demonstrate how useful math can be for us, does it mean that the physical world naturally follows the rules of mathematics as its "mother tongue," and that this mathematics has its own existence that is out there waiting to be discovered? This point of view on the nature of the relationship between mathematics and the physical world is called Platonism, but not everyone agrees with it. Derek Abbott, Professor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at The University of Adelaide in Australia, has written a perspective piece to be published in the Proceedings of the IEEE in which he argues that mathematical Platonism is an inaccurate view of reality.

The physical world is throbbing with activity. Nothing ever remains the same. Change is the one pervasive feature in the universe. This inescapable fact has been recognized from the most ancient times. The Heraclitan phrase that all is flux and nothing is stationary has its echo in the thoughts and reflections of thinkers in other cultures also.

The book is an inspirational survey of fundamental physics, emphasizing the use of variational principles. Chapter 1 presents introductory ideas, including the principle of least action, vectors and partial differentiation. Chapter 2 covers Newtonian dynamics and the motion of mutually gravitating bodies. Chapter 4 is about special relativity, which unifies space and time into 4-dimensional spacetime. Chapter 5 introduces the mathematics of curved space, leading to Chapter 6 covering general relativity and its remar Chapter 5 introduces the mathematics of curved space, leading to Chapter 6 covering general relativity and its remarkable consequences, such as the existence of black holes.

Nicholas Manton and Nicholas Mee

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It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. Indeed, mathematics and physics were part of what was called natural philosophy. Rapid growth of the physical sciences, aided by technological progress and increasing abstraction in mathematical research, caused a separation of the sciences and mathematics in the 20th century. However, two fundamental physical theories, relativity and quantum theory, influenced new developments in geometry, functional analysis and group theory. The relation of Yang-Mills theory to the theory of connections in a fiber bundle discovered in the early s has paid rich dividends to the geometric topology of low dimensional manifolds. Aimed at a wide audience, this self-contained book includes a detailed background from both mathematics and theoretical physics to enable a deeper understanding of the role that physical theories play in mathematics.



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