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Spring & Autumn Annals (English Translation?) • The Scholars of Shen Zhou

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Published 17.01.2019

Spring and Autumn Period: Every Year

Andrew H. Plaks and Michael Nylan, Series Editors. Translated and introduced by.

The Gongyang Commentary on The Spring and Autumn Annals

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The Spring and Autumn Annals or Chunqiu is an ancient Chinese chronicle that has been one of the core Chinese classics since ancient times. The Annals is the official chronicle of the State of Lu , and covers a year period from to BC. It is the earliest surviving Chinese historical text to be arranged in annals form. The Annals records main events that occurred in Lu during each year, such as the accessions, marriages, deaths, and funerals of rulers, battles fought, sacrificial rituals observed, celestial phenomena considered ritually important, and natural disasters. The Spring and Autumn Annals was likely composed in the 5th century BC, and apart from the Bamboo Annals is the only such work to have survived from that period. The Annals is a succinct scribal record, with terse entries that record events such as the accessions, marriages, deaths, and funerals of rulers, battles fought, sacrificial records observed, natural disasters, and celestial phenomena believed to be of ritual significance. Some modern scholars have questioned whether the entries were ever originally intended as a chronicle for human readers, and have suggested that the Annals entries may have been intended as "ritual messages directed primarily to the ancestral spirits.

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Login via Institution. Author: Olivia Milburn. Living through an exceptionally troubled period, he served three rulers and two dictators of the state of Qi, in Shandong Province. His experiences informed his revolutionary theories concerning the relationship between the individual and the state. Long considered to be a forgery, recent archaeological discoveries have proved the Spring and Autumn Annals of Master Yan to be a genuinely ancient text. This book provides not only the first complete translation of the text into any Western language, but a detailed analysis of the context in which it was produced.

Last updated: November 25, Toggle navigation World Digital Library. Listen to this page. Read Online. Four different editions of the work by Dong with varying contents existed already during the Song dynasty. None of the great Chinese book collectors owned copies with the complete text.


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