Fractal geometry in architecture and design pdf

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fractal geometry in architecture and design pdf

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In mathematics , a fractal is a subset of a Euclidean space for which the Hausdorff dimension strictly exceeds the topological dimension. Fractals tend to appear nearly the same at different levels, as is illustrated here in the successively small magnifications of the Mandelbrot set ; [1] [2] [3] [4] because of this, fractals are encountered ubiquitously in nature. Fractals exhibit similar patterns at increasingly small scales called self similarity , [5] also known as expanding symmetry or unfolding symmetry ; if this replication is exactly the same at every scale, as in the Menger sponge , [6] it is called affine self-similar. Fractal geometry lies within the mathematical branch of topology. One way that fractals are different from finite geometric figures is the way in which they scale.
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na broad sense Design Science is the grammar of a language of images Irather than of words. Modern Fractal Geometry in Architecture and Design. Authors PDF · Natural and Fractal Fluctuations in Time, Noise, and Music. Carl Bovill.

Fractal Geometry in Architecture and Design

The increasing concerns on sustainability oriented buildings have added new challenges in building architectureral design and called for new design responses. Sustainable design integrates and balances the human geometries and the natural ones. As the language of nature, it is, therefore, natural to assume that fractal geometry could play a role in developing new forms of aesthetics and sustainable architectureral design. This paper gives a brief description of fractal geometry theory and presents its current status and recent developments through illustrative review of some fractal case studies in architecture design, which provides a bridge between fractal geometry and architecture design. Keywords: Fractal geometry, Architecture design, Sustainability. Introduction The idea of buildings in harmony with nature can be traced back to ancient Egyptians, China, Greeks and Romans. At the beginning of 21st century, the increasing concerns on sustainability oriented on buildings have added new challenges in building architecture design and called for new design responses.

Since the late twentieth century, fractal architecture has been one of the most important themes discussed in architecture and it is based on the chaos and complexity theories.
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With this new perception of the contemporary production we have designed a faade sun shade using fractal geometry as a generative system. Fractals are complex shapes generated with simple rules, so it is relatively easy to change the final geometry when we work with parameters. The design process made possible the creation of different options for the brise-soleil using parametric definitions. Some solutions were physically modeled using rapid prototyping, which we consider an essential tool in the contemporary design process. The whole process conducted to the conclusion that architects need to incorporate a new set of skills when working with digital fabrication.



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