Best way to pack books for storage

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best way to pack books for storage

This is Hands-Down the Best Way to Pack Books for Moving

For book lovers, packing up to move to a new home can be especially challenging, since books are among the heaviest items for their size. And true book lovers may have hundreds, if not thousands of books to move. Where possible, try to get rid of any books that you don't use or don't need , hard though this may be. But remember that moving companies generally charge by the weight of the freight they are shipping, so there is good reason to jettison any books you can live without. When it comes to moving books, it makes sense to follow the procedures perfected by libraries, many of which pack and ship hundreds of books across the country each week. If you're moving a long distance , have hired movers , and are being charged by weight , make sure you carefully go through your books and determine what you want to keep and what you're willing to pay to move. Hardcovers are heavy and even paperbacks can add up to a lot of money.
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What’s the Best Way to Pack Books for Moving?

Anyone who has ever owned books knows the frustration of a bent cover, a ripped page, or a smushed book jacket. Books take a long time to pack, mainly because it involves multiple boxes, careful placement, and the occasional reading break. This is not one of those things you can leave to the last minute. When coming up with your packing plan , we recommend making your books a top priority. The best way to pack books for moving is to use small boxes that will keep the weight below 40 lbs. This will make your books easier — and safer — to move.

But truth is, improperly packed books often are the reason for an accidental mess in the back of the moving van. But packing books is another story. Unsurprisingly, house removals can be a stressful time for book lovers. Moving home is always going to be a very stressful event for anyone, not just for book lovers. Packing and moving all your stuff will take time and effort that most of us do not like to spare. And now, you at least know how to pack books before a move, so your precious darlings are safe and sound. Check this video below, which perfectly illustrates how to put into practice some of the general tips for packing books before a move: Credits: Upack.

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