Best fairy tale retelling books

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best fairy tale retelling books

Fairy Tale Retellings – SFF Book Reviews

When we were kids, "fairy tales" were the cutesy purview of Disney movies and children's books. Princesses sang to animals and princes gallivanted around with their privilege wildly unchecked. Fairy godmothers helped good i. But as we got older, some of us who had nothing cooler to do in high school tracked down the original versions of these fairy tales Turns out, the Brothers Grimm were really invested in punishing women in all sorts of fun, gruesome ways. Of course, fairy tales are part of humanity's vast oral tradition, so there's rarely one definitive original version.
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Fairy Tale Retellings

I have a thing for fairy tales. So here is where I collect all the fairy tale retellings I can find and write a little bit about how I liked them. If the title is red, a review is hiding under the link. Recommendations are always welcome! This is not a comprehensive list by any means. I am just one person slightly obsessed with fairy tales who jots down book titles whenever they sound like a fairy tale inspired them. The books are sorted by fairy tale and I included a link to wikipedia in case you want to find out more about the original s.

Tilly Castillo thought she lost her chance to be a contemporary dancer, but when a summer job in New York City appears, nothing can stop her from saying yes—not her mother, not the other cutthroat dancers, and not even her fears of the big city. When I was 5, I told a fairytale lie. I was in kindergarten. The next day I told the kindergarten teacher, Ms. Guffey, that my mom sometimes cooked me in the oven and I was too afraid to go home and could I please please please spend the night with my best friend? Thankfully, my mom was not arrested and all turned out all right.

But a story is a story, and a beautifully tragic character arc is a beautifully tragic character arc.
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  1. Stephanie R. says:

    The first edition of Grimms Fairy Tales published in did not sell well.

  2. Audric P. says:

    Books shelved as fairy-tale-retellings: Cinder by Marissa Meyer, Scarlet by Marissa Meyer, Cress by Marissa Meyer, Winter by Marissa Meyer, and Beauty: A .

  3. Melodie S. says:

    So many of these stories are so inventive and we bow at the creative genius of all the authors capable of pulling them off!!

  4. Cándice B. says:

    This list of must-read fairytale retellings for adults and YA readers is sponsored by Everywhere You Want to Be by Christina June, Blink YA Books. From author Christina June comes a new young adult novel, Everywhere You Want to Be, a modern retelling of the Red Riding Hood story.

  5. Maddison C. says:

    Popular Fairy Tale Retellings Books

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