Best horror books of all time list

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best horror books of all time list

25 Top Horror Books According To Goodreads Users | Book Riot

The definition of scary changes from person to person. For some, it might be ghosts and haunted houses. For others, serial killers. For still others, the most frightening things are the ones that go bump in the night, unseen. Despite the width of this spectrum, what unites all lovers of horror is the thrill that horror novels inspire within us: that universal sensation of your heart thumping out of your chest, as cold sweat breaks on your forehead when you turn the page. To create this list, we went to the darkest, most ghostly corners of the literary world. Without further ado, here are the best horror novels of all time — it's safe to say that we hope they'll keep you up at night.
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My Top 10 Horror Novels

To help you on your own hair-raising journey, we've put together a list of the best horror books of all time. What was our criteria? The staffers here at Penguin.

The Best Horror Books Of All Time

Vampires take advantage of the dark arctic winter to feed without fear on the unsuspecting denizens of small Alaskan town in this bleak comic miniseries. Buy now from your favorite retailer:. The brand of cosmic horror he created one premised on the inconsequentiality of man in the face of otherworldly beings of unimaginable power has influenced countless authors who follow in his considerable wake. At the Mountains of Madness serves as ground zero for much of the mythos Lovecraft created and centers around an arctic expedition gone horribly wrong after the discovery of a lost extraterrestrial race known as Elder Things. Unfortunately, no discussion of Lovecraft should be had without acknowledging his particularly virulent xenophobia, racism, and adherence to white supremacy. The Bad Seed implacably builds toward its shocking climax in a way that few other similar novels have matched. At its base, Beloved is a classic ghost story centering around a former slave beset by otherworldly torments tied to a long-buried and horrifying secret.

Classic & Gothic Horror

Below, discover over 30 of the best horror books of all-time including classics and newer must-reads:. Even The Hunger Games , which is by many measures a horror story, works because of inevitability. In The Long Walk , teenage boys show up for a competitive walk whose eventual winner, the only survivor, is given whatever he asks for for the rest of his life. No outcome can be a good outcome. He first published pieces of what became John Dies at the End on one of those niche sites. Eventually, he got a book deal, and he credited the feedback from putting his work online with making his book a better final product.

Making a list of the top horror books on Goodreads is a tricky proposition. What makes a horror novel scary varies from reader to reader. A perfect 5. I made sure to look at different sub-genres and formats. I picked one book per author to prevent certain writers from overtaking this list.


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