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best steve mcqueen biography book

New bio reminds us that Steve McQueen was more than an ad for cool

On-screen and off with the "King of Cool. Steve McQueen : A Biography. Marc Eliot. His unforgettable physical beauty, his soft-spoken manner, his tough but tender roughness, and his aching vulnerability had women swooning and men wanting to be just like him. Chronicling McQueen's tumultuous life both on and off the screen, from his hardscrabble childhood to his rise to Hollywood superstar status, to his struggles with alcohol and drugs and his fervor for racing fast cars and motorcycles, Eliot discloses intimate details of McQueen's three marriages, including his tumultuous relationships with Neile Adams and Ali MacGraw, as well as his numerous affairs.
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Actor Steve McQueen Became A Christian (Pastor Greg Laurie)

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Showbiz biographer Eliot paints a fascinating portrait of the insecure, complex and haunted film icon who attracted women with his cheeky blue eyes and lopsided grin, but had a nasty habit of loving them and leaving them. Every film that McQueen made is covered here, along with revelations about his problems with Method acting. Contemporaries like Clint Eastwood thrived on it and made the studio system work for him while an insecure McQueen struggled with his sense of himself, both on and off screen. Born in Beech Grove, Indiana, in , McQueen never knew his father, a one-time navy biplane flier turned circus stuntman, who walked out when young Steven was only six months old. When his mother also abandoned him, he was taken in for a spell by an unmarried uncle who lived on a farm in Missouri.

In , he became the highest-paid movie star in the world, although he did not act in films again for four years. McQueen was combative with directors and producers , but his popularity placed him in high demand and enabled him to command large salaries. As the Great Depression set in shortly thereafter, McQueen and his grandparents moved in with Lillian's brother Claude at his farm in Slater. I learned a lot from him. McQueen's departure from his great-uncle's home was marked by a very special memento given to him on that occasion. Dyslexic and partially deaf due to a childhood ear infection , [6] McQueen did not adjust well to his new life.

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He might be alive still, as prominent, laconic, and anti-heroic a screen figure as Clint, and maybe even a notable producer and director. Eastwood has won just about every prize there is, and he has made the journey that probably appealed to him the most—from a working-class kid to a movie cowboy to one of the most esteemed figures and authentic stars remaining in American show business.

He was strong-headed. We could have gotten along well, I think. Can it really be a quarter-century now that Steve McQueen has been gone? Felled in while undergoing treatments for mesothelioma, the actor who ruled the box office in the s and 70s remains a myth, having been a juvenile delinquent, Marine, oilfield roughneck, lumberjack, producer, motorcycle racer, sports car driver, and Hollywood King of Cool. Steve McQueen inspired these prestigious celebrities so much that we felt compelled to allow them to express themselves in Unforgettable Steve McQueen. Now, Unforgettable Steve McQueen documents his fascinating life with a collection of rare and stunning images. McQueen is most famous for his work in such films as The Great Escape, The Thomas Crown Affair, Bullitt , and The Towering Inferno , but was also an avid motor racer, whom the American Motorcyclist Association posthumously added to their Hall of Fame in and hailed for helping the sport overcome its outlaw image.

Steve McQueen was a real person. But you wouldn't know it by the way the actor has been transformed into a two-dimensional King of Cool by pop culture. He's a cartoon racing machine in Pixar's Cars, and a "style idol" to anchor Brian Williams, who recently told Vanity Fair that "whether men realize it or not, he's the standard everyone's been chasing for 40 years. Most of us aren't really interested in the real McQueen, we just want the tough guy from Bullitt. Fortunately, author Marc Eliot isn't in that group. In Steve McQueen: A Biography , readers meet a complex, haunted man who might not make many most-admired lists. For starters, though McQueen himself was a life-long womanizer, he often threatened — and sometimes beat — the women he lived with namely wives Neile Adams, Ali MacGraw and Barbara Minty if he merely suspected they had cheated.


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