Best books to study religion

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best books to study religion

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Published 07.02.2019

Top 10 Religious holy books in the World

The best books on religion recommended by eminent experts, covering The historian and gender studies specialist Margot Badran has devoted her life's work .

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Over the decades and centuries, plenty of writers have sought to grapple with the big questions of human existence. Less common are the books that exist in the overlap of the two subjects. His writing focuses on finding a way to reconcile religious belief and an appreciation for science; in this book, he chronicles how, through an interest in neuroscience, he ended up reconnecting to his own Christianity. Buy now from your favorite retailer:. Questions of the nature of the self are essential to both science and religion.

Simon Yarrow , Historian. Read more. Graham Oppy , Philosopher. Selina O'Grady , Journalist. Robin Lane Fox , Classicist. Browse book recommendations:. On Christianity, we have interviews covering the history of Christianity , Jesus , the saints and versions of the Bible , amongst others.

by Mike McHargue

Studying the history of religion is a gateway to more than just an understanding of religious institutions. It also offers a glimpse at the propagation and function of ancient civilizations. Since the beginning of time, religion has been a significant influence on our cultures, going so far as to shape our traditions, our behavior, and even our concept of time. Episcopalism began in the years following the American Revolution, following its separation from the Church of England. Despite their newfound independence, they retained some of their Anglican routes—mainly The Book of Common Prayer, the center of Episcopal worship. Depending on who you ask, the Church of England was founded in either AD by Saint Augustine or after the schism of Included in this timeline are the stories behind landmark events and figures like Saint Patrick, Viking invasions, and the translation of the Bible.


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