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Are you looking to celebrate summer with a fun read? Get into the mood with this free short story from author Sarah Morgan! We were sitting on a bench behind the sand dunes, mother and daughter. I could hear the crash of the waves and the shriek of excited children as they rushed along the sand with buckets, spades and slowly melting ice creams. The guests were already gathering on the beach, no doubt wondering where we were. All I could do was watch, support and hope.
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The Christmas Sisters by Sarah Morgan - #FirstChapterFridays

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Once a Ferrara Wife By: Sarah Morgan. Please keep your seat belts fastened until the aircraft has come to a standstill. Not yet. The toddler in the row behind her yelled a protest and squirmed, smacking both his legs into the back of her seat with a force that jolted her forwards, but Laurel was aware of nothing except the hot ball of stress that burned at the base of her ribs. My sister once had a panic attack en route to Chicago. They had to sedate her.

Roxy has learned the hard way not to believe in fairy tales, but this Christmas she wants her little daughter, Mia, to have everything she's ever dreamed of. As the snowflakes start to fall over Manhattan, Roxy can no longer deny her own secret dreams—that her gorgeous colleague, James, will kiss her under the mistletoe! James knows he needs to take things slowly with Roxy—she's been hurt before, and it's not just her heart she's protecting, it's adorable Mia's, too. But as December nights get colder, and the chemistry simmering between them gets hotter, James decides it's time to act! If Roxy will let him, maybe this Christmas he can make all her dreams come true….

A New York Christmas Fairy Tale




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