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deus ex mankind divided bookstore

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Note that if you need to, a dealer named Tars buys and sells goods out of the second floor in your apartment complex. Unless you want to cause a scene and start your guns blazing here and now, it may be wiser to find an alternate route. Check the room for a grate, and hop down to come out overlooking the bookstore, and the swarm of thugs. If you went through the checkpoint, the gate to the bookstore has a level 1 lock passcode If you want to remain sneaky, stick to the rooftops and use the archway as cover. Back up top, there is a man out front, with a second man patrolling the street. Going right will lead you to the delivery entrance, but the door has a level security 1 lock , and even if you go through the glass window there are two thugs in the room.
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Deus Ex Mankind Divided Guide - How To Find Koller Inside The Bookstore

After you wake up in Prague, your Augs start malfunctioning.

The Time Machine

It also serves as an entrance to Koller's underground both figuratively and literally augmentation clinic. The bookshop is one of the only ones remaining in the city, as physical books are becoming unpopular by One customer refers to it as a "real out-of-way gem" due to its diverse collection of rare printed books. Two other people work with Koller in The Time Machine: Lucina Horal at the front desk who deals directly with customers, [2] and Kamil Buranek who works in the back room and handles new book deliveries. After Jensen's first visit to the lab, another hidden passage can be discovered behind a false wall that leads directly up to the nearby streets.

Note: in order to get the achievement Time Traveler , you must travel to Otar Botkoveli 's underground casino and steal the Neuroplasticity Calibrator before doing this mission. Note that these eBooks can be accessed anytime Jensen visits The Time Machine; this is just the earliest one can read them. Jensen has to make it inside The Time Machine to talk to Koller. Instead, you can turn to the left of the main gate towards a police checkpoint. Talking to the documents inspector triggers the side mission The Golden Ticket which can either be completed now, or avoided by sneaking past the checkpoint.

The description will tell you how to get to The Time Machine bookstore where you Getting in Top Shape Again - main quest Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Guide.
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