Family law book in urdu

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family law book in urdu

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In this short piece, we provide an answer to this question by introducing ourselves and the background which motives us to write this book. We have been studying, researching and teaching Islamic Family Law for most of our adult lives. Our research has focused on Islamic Family Law and we have continued researching and teaching this topic after joining the academia. It was during our teaching that we realized the lack of appropriate and up-to-date teaching material to train future legal scholars and practitioners of Family Law in Pakistan. The available books, written during the British colonial period in India, were not only archaic but also unsuitable for law students of the 21 st century. Its comparative simplicity and conciseness made it popular amongst the bar and the bench, even though it was not meant for them.
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Published 22.02.2019

Child Custody Law in Pakistan : Explained by Adv. High Court Arfan Khan Urdu

FLEW / FODF — Family Law Education for Women / Femmes ontariennes et droit de la Watch legal information in ASL. Cover your tracks.

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Jump to navigation. This article highlights the deficiencies in the laws relating to the custody of children in Pakistan. It argues that deficiencies in the Guardians and Wards Act allow the courts to exercise wide discretion, thereby leading to contradictory judgments. Pakistan, however, lacks detailed laws about issues relating to custody of children. The Guardians and Wards Act gives a few rules regarding custody and the rest is left to the discretion of the courts which occasionally results in contradictory judgments. Due to the lack of detailed rules in the statutes, the litigants have to resort to case law to find out rules regarding custody. This article analyses the relevant provisions of the Act along with the case law to point out legal lacunas.


Under the Act the minimum age of marriage for a male is 18 years whereas the minimum age of marriage for a female is 16 years. Despite the fact that under-age marriages are liable to punishment, such unions are not rendered invalid. Consent of Wali According to the Hanafi school, an adult woman may contract her marriage without the consent of a wali. Registration of Marriages The Muslim Family Laws Ordinance MFLO introduced reforms regarding registration of marriages, and in default of such registration, penalties of fine and imprisonment have been prescribed. Nevertheless, Muslim marriages are still legal and valid if they are performed according to the requisites of Islam. Now, a husband must submit an application and pay a prescribed fee to the local union council in order to obtain permission for contracting a polygamous marriage. The application must state whether the husband has obtained consent of the existing wife or wives.


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