Read audio books for money

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read audio books for money

How to Become An Audiobook Narrator And Work at Home

Once associated with dusty library cassette tapes, audiobooks are more popular than ever. New technology has made it easy to listen to large audio files on the go, and the resulting surge in listeners has helped the format slough off some of the stigma of decades past. The recent boom in audiobooks means that the voiceover artists who bring them to life are especially busy. Mental Floss spoke with a few industry professionals to learn about what it takes to excel at the job—including their diligent voice-care regimens, the one thing they always look for during research, and the spoilers they sometimes get from authors. Several of the audiobook narrators we spoke to started out at the theater, not in a recording booth. She initially made connections in the audiobook world through her work as a theater actress, but after getting more involved in the audiobook industry, she found that narration has some advantages over acting on stage. She says jokingly, "Doing an audiobook is like being in a play where finally everyone says their lines right.
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How would you like to get paid to read? Not a book worm? No problem.

How to Get Paid to Narrate Audiobooks

Choose the books you want to audition for! Through ACX, you can find an unlimited number of potential acting gigs, and the audiobooks you produce will be available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. Follow our Video Lessons and Resources to learn how to set up a home studio then edit and master your audiobook before it goes up for sale. Or find a studio professional to help out with the recording, editing, and mastering. Sign up on ACX and create a profile that details your acting and audiobook experience.

With the growing popularity of audiobooks, many fellow thesps have those questions about narration. This is a very brief overview; if you have questions, feel free leave a comment to ask. Good for you for wanting to narrate audiobooks! The market seems to be growing by leaps and bounds right now, and for the first time in a long time, bona fide actors are actually in demand! ACX is Audible. The site gives a lot of info on the process. Once you have a profile and log-in credentials Audible is owned by Amazon, so you can use your Amazon log-in , you can search for books to audition for.

Have you been reading books for free? Did you know you could earn money by reading audiobooks for authors? The voice reading the book to you may or may not be that of the author. Many times, it is the voice of a narrator paid to read the book in the most captivating way that reflects the message in the book. You can become an audiobook narrator today and earn good money by upfront payment or by royalty share. Most audiobook narrators prefer payment by royalty share because they will make more money if the book becomes a best seller.

Here's How It Works:

Audiobooks represent a rapidly growing market for publishers and voice actors alike. The easy access most people have to smartphone devices these days — combined with long commutes — makes for a market hungry for audio content. If you have a voice that people like to listen to — and you know how to infuse your voice with emotion — you may have what it takes to narrate audiobooks. Just having a good voice is not enough, of course. Narrating a book calls on many different vocal skills, and the skills required depend on the genre. Fiction may require half a dozen different voices as you read dialogue or change points of view.

Do people tell you that you have a nice, clarion voice? Have you ever had any voice training or done any public speaking? Are you looking for something more on the artistic side of the work-at-home industry? Well, then keep reading. There is now a section of the work-at-home population making money doing voice overs — especially as audiobook narrators. Being able to perform voice overs is a combination of speaking, oral reading, and acting. Voice over actors or artists are used in radio, television production, filmmaking, theatre, video games, eBook and audio narration and other presentations.



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