Good books to read for pregnant mothers

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good books to read for pregnant mothers

The 8 Best Pregnancy Books of

By Holly Pevzner May 28, Photo: iStockPhoto. Ah, books. Remember them? Well, not so fast. We sat among the stacks, read them and got a few well-earned paper cuts to emerge with a list of the very best pregnancy books out there for all types of parents-to-be. While you might not agree with all of the advice in these books, they are all full of nuggets of wisdom that will guide you through the next three trimesters.
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Top 3 Books to Read While Pregnant

17 Best Pregnancy and Baby Books for Those First 40 Weeks (and Beyond)

When I was pregnant, my eardrum ruptured. After an incredibly painful night, followed by immediate relief once my eardrum burst and started oozing a yellow liquid, I visited my primary care physician. While I was at the appointment, I told my doctor I was about five months pregnant with my first child. I left her office with a prescription for a pregnancy safe antibiotic, a wad of cotton stuck in my weeping ear, and a completely shocked look on my face. I was so surprised because I considered myself to be a well-read pregnant person.

Best for Medical Information: Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy at Amazon "Includes advice on how to get pregnant, meal planning, exercise, medication, and parenthood. Best for Rebels: Expecting Better at Amazon "Oster, who was trained as a statistician, evaluates the data behind conventional pregnancy rules. Best for Dads: The Expectant Father at Amazon "The book has been updated to include modern trends in birthing, child rearing, and technology. Best Holistic: The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide at Amazon "The book includes advice and insights from a certified nurse midwife, a registered nurse, a doula, and a lactation consultant. Best for Gay Pregnancies: Ultimate Guide for Lesbians at Amazon "Covers everything from choosing a donor to tracking fertility to navigating legal paperwork. With What makes it so great?

Memoirs and Novels about Pregnancy

Whether we're looking for sources for stylish maternity clothes or trying to figure out which foods to avoid when pregnant , we often turn to expecting moms when it comes to navigating pregnancy and the early stages of motherhood. After all, who better to provide insight into everything from shopping for bump-friendly outfits to filling a grocery cart with nutrient-rich foods than women who are experiencing it all firsthand? - What supplies will I need? What should I name my little one?

If you're pregnant and need a break from advice books, try one of these good books to read. The weeks before you give birth are full of anticipation, and finding good books to read on pregnancy and parenting can be so comforting. Millions of other parents-to-be have felt the same way you are. Some of them have even put those trials and joys into good books, including wonderful novels, for those of us who are self-help adverse. Expect a lot of unsolicited advice , both on the internet and in person.

I read two books explicitly written for expectant parents when I was pregnant. The first was a worn paperback lent to me by my doula, which, through unflinching detail, prepared me for the natural childbirth experience I did not end up having. Here are some novels that can illuminate common truths about parenthood by exploring the joys, challenges and, often, spectacularly flawed dynamics of the family experience. In a story dominated by domestic violence and the endless tussling of three rowdy brothers, We the Animals offers a few of these shining moments. When the three boys, ages seven to ten, pin down their year-old mother and each one takes his turn blowing raspberries onto her belly, the scene exquisitely captures the intimacy that exists between bodies that were once connected as one. However, throughout the dark and deceptively slim novel Bad Marie , Marcy Dermansky manages to tease out so many of the more subtle challenges facing new parents and their relationships.


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