Letter o books for preschool

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letter o books for preschool

Letter Q Books for Preschoolers - The Measured Mom

Letter O Unit fell before Christmas and so we did do some seasonal-related learning with this unit. For nature study we looked at owls and otters. No specific craft or activity other than a simple story interaction: I blindfolded the kids and we tested what that felt like, played around with giving and receiving instructions while not being able to see. This list is LONG! We also on a different day since we looked at oranges and oranges trees and orchards — played our board game Orchard.
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Alphabet Songs - Story Of Letter O for Nursery Kids

Books to read for letter O

What other ones can YOU think of? Find the whole letter of the week series HERE. Looking for worksheets, crafts and activities to use with the letter O? I created a printable pack to go with this letter and all the letters! It has 20 pages of fun learning activities to teach the letter O to your preschoolers.

I love the letter O and the owl O below is one of my favorite crafts we have ever made. There are some wonderful open ended activities below which are a perfect compliment to the more structured letter crafts. Remember adult directed crafts should be in the minority with open free creative activities making up the majority of your art time. Each page is dedicated to one large photo and a animal, plant or other part of North West nature. My son was reluctant at first wanting to read a Star Wars chapter book but only a page or two in he was asking not to skip any of the text and we were discussing the information about the sea animals and he was eager to make a nest in our apple trees for the spotted owls who we read were endangered. Many of the letters represent sea animals like sea stars, urchins and of course orcas. That is what I love about books like this you can adapt them so easily to your audience.

We had a lot of fun with these letter Q books for preschoolers. The final straw is when they kick the ankle of an obnoxious visiting monarch. An entertaining story with a satisfying ending! Quick, Quack, Quick! If you read just one book from this letter Q book list, make it this one.

Books & Games That Build Phonics Skills

I have a slight book problem. I love books, and I love exposing my girls to many different books. One of my favorite days every week is when we get our new stack of books from the library. I could spend hours looking at books in a bookstore. I thought I would start sharing some of our favorite books that relate to the themes we are studying, so you will see more book lists coming soon. If you find them helpful, I would love to hear from you in the comments. I would also love your book suggestions.

Oliver is different. He likes to play by himself with his toys and stuffed animals. A treasure! An Octopus is Amazing , by Patricia Lauber. This book has a fair amount of text, which may be too much for the youngest preschooler. My Three resisted, but then listened with interest to the whole book.

Reading takes a huge priority in our home — we like to read every morning, noon, and night! Children will love to read if we give them the tools — I hope this list is helpful to you! We read together and he reads on his own. Even looking at the pictures, generating the storyline in his head, and looking at letters — this is reading. Reading opens a world of imagination and creativity for our children. We cycle through the small stack throughout the week during meal or other quiet times in the day.


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