How to get pregnant book

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how to get pregnant book

How to Get Pregnant, the Book - The Infertility Center of St. Louis

Infertility can be an extreme hardship for couples. Money stress, medication side effects, and the general stress of not being able to conceive can cause relationship strain, anxiety, and depression, according to Harvard Medical School. Fortunately, other women and couples have gone through this experience before, and support is available. Taking Charge of Your Fertility is one of the most well known books on infertility. This twentieth anniversary edition is updated with up-to-date medical advice and treatments. The physical aspects of infertility are merely one piece of the puzzle.
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Silber starts with the essential facts of getting pregnant, including normal variations in how long it can take for a couple to conceive and the most common problems that arise. He discusses in detail how age affects fertility-including tests that allow women to determine how many years of fertility they have remaining. And for every situation, no matter how complicated, he explains the procedures that can help even the most frustrated couples become pregnant. From the most basic issues of timing to hormone supplements and medical procedures that can help solve once-insurmountable fertility problems, Dr. Silber offers clear answers, practical advice, and compassionate support.

Gender Selection the High Tech Way

Most of the experts and real moms we spoke with agreed that it's important to chat with your partner about some of the biggie parenting issues -- like how you'll share childcare, working vs. Stop your birth control a couple of months before you plan to start trying, says Robert A. This gives you a bit of time to see what your natural menstrual cycle is like -- 27 days? If you've been taking the pill for a while, your cycle could be different from what it was before you started. It can take a while for hormone levels to get back on track after you ditch the pill, but if your period's still MIA after three months, you should see your doctor. Drinking and smoking during pregnancy? We don't need to tell you they're major don'ts.


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    For all couples who dream of becoming parents, Dr. Silber's HOW TO GET PREGNANT will be the one and only book they need to address all their concerns.

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