How to stop being a control freak book

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how to stop being a control freak book

4 Ways To Stop Being A Control Freak - Work It Daily | Where Careers Go To Grow

Last autumn, horrific wildfires raged near our home. People we knew were losing their houses left and right. In the midst of disaster, I had to leave town for work. To make myself feel better, I typed up three single-spaced pages of detailed instructions for what my family should do in case of fire or earthquake. Which I then laminated. I then made my family practice an emergency evacuation. Tanner, age 15, volunteered to take care of the family heirlooms.
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How to Stop Being a "CONTROL" Freak ❌

The Plan to Stop Being a Control Freak

Are you incredibly efficient, super competent and always the person in your life who gets things done and keeps things moving? Is all this micromanaging causing you to feel stressed out? Have your family and friends told you to lighten up? Becoming a more mindful witness to your own behavior is the first step to making any behavioral change. Observing yourself this way can be hard to do, so you can also ask a trusted friend or family member to point out whenever they see you engaging in controlling behaviors. Then in order to feel less fearful and more in control, you try controlling everything around you—even things that have nothing to do with the part of your life that made you feel badly to start with. For example, have you ever found yourself reorganizing your closet when you were upset about an argument you had with a loved one?

Many of us feel most comfortable when we think ahead, plan and prepare. But high-achievers, in particular, can fall into the trap of becoming control freaks. Over time, demanding constant certainty from yourself and others can be tiresome — and frankly — annoying. Perfectionism, anxiety and anger are all associated with a high need for control, which can obviously interfere with your relationships and happiness in a big way. There's freedom in letting go. Image courtesy of Bruce Mars via Pexels. My client, Katie, struggled with this as new manager who was tasked with delegating more.

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Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. I was born with the ability to quickly envision the most efficient way through a task, activity, project, problem, puzzle, or challenge. This has made me useful to many people, especially in my workplaces. But it can make people crazy, too. I was never good at delegating. I have always strived for perfection.

In fact, some might call it downright annoying. I feel it. Just like an alcoholic yearns for one more drink, I crave control in any situation. I see myself jumping in, taking charge, directing the flow of traffic. And yet, I just continue to do it. So recently, I decided to take control release control of the situation by exploring the causes and creating strategies for how I can improve my behavior. The job interview is an essential part of the screening process for employers.


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