How to hold a book open

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how to hold a book open

How to hold a paperback book open? Completely Hands-free!

Do you love to read books while eating, enjoying ice-cream, taking tea, having coffee, or while knitting? Do you need a gadget to hold books open while you are reading? Then keep reading, to find the book page holder clips that will help you read with one hand only, or even hands free completely. These page holders, also called music book clips, work with all types of books whether paperbacks or hardcovers. Flipklip is a unique book holder clip that you can clamp on the top or the bottom of the book to hold it open.
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For example when playing piano and wanting to keep the book open on a I am using hair clip when I need to hold the songbook while playing the piano.

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Feb 21, Productivity. Have you ever struggled to keep a book open to a particular page while you try to type notes or whatever at the same time? For years I carried a prototype around that he gave me. Eventually, it broke, got lost or something. But it worked fine, though, such as it was. The problem persisted, of course.

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Step 1: Cutting the Hanger / Straightening the Paper Clip

Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. I am having a really hard time bending my clothes hangers. I wonder if my hangerq is thicker than yours. I am planning on covering it with wicky tape. Thank you for the inspiration.


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    Step 2: Marking the Bending Lines

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    Your Answer

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    Quick tip: Handsfree low tech method to keep a book open

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    Do you want to hold your paperback book open, completely hands-free, without damaging its spine.

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