How to find an editor for my book

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how to find an editor for my book

How To Find And Work With A Professional Editor | The Creative Penn

In this article and video I go through why you should work with an editor, the different types of editor, how to find an editor and how the process works, as well as the inevitable mindset issues around criticism. Watch the video below or here on YouTube , or read the article below. If you are self-publishing, you need to edit your book pre-publication. If you are aiming for a traditional publishing deal, you want to submit the best book you can, so using an editor to improve your craft can be well worth it. An editor's job is to take the raw manuscript and improve it — whether that be through structural changes, line edits, suggestions of new material, or sentence refinement.
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How to Choose the Right Freelance Editor

3 Tips On Finding The Right Editor For Your Book

Your editor is more than a nameless someone who checks your work. Maybe you need help shoring up the soft spots in your story. Maybe you need a coach to keep you moving forward each month and get your manuscript over the finish line. Once you find the right services, what sort of approach would be a comfortable fit? Your helper may be great at grammar and spelling, but professional editors spend every day not only dealing with the intricacies of language but also immersed in developing style and usage trends, conventions and trends within genres, e-publishing processes and standards, book marketing and sales trends, changing fiction conventions, typographical issues and more. But the field is more competitive than it used to be, and polish is becoming more important than ever.

It's scary, but important. And the person is A good editor will or should! You have to find someone who 'gets' you, and this isn't easy. At the end of the day, there is no 'how to' guide to help you find the perfect editor for your book, but I've learned some things along my journey that I hope will make yours a little easier. There are different types of editing and you need to know who you are looking for.

How do you know what services you need?

You want someone who will give your book the best shot possible, but how can you make sure you select the right person? The weary man finally found an editor who was able to show him how to cut the manuscript in half and tighten the plot. You want your narrative to live up to your expectations. His feedback will make perfect sense to you , and the results will be true to your voice and your story. To find this magical unicorn of an editor, here are five questions to ask and red flags to look out for.

And you should just get on with writing it. Sound familiar? You could try and self-edit, or pass off your prose to a family member or friend for free feedback. You may just want an editor to proofread your book to catch minor errors and typos. Or you may want to work with an editor to help you overhaul your book. Getting familiar with the kind of editing options available will help you choose the right editor.


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