How to package books for shipping

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how to package books for shipping

How to package books? - Help For New Sellers - Amazon Seller Forums

You've all seen it. That book trader that has a good old whinge on the forums about unreasonable customers leaving them negative feedback or demanding a refund because the book they've bought hasn't arrived via the mail in pristine condition. That trader is clueless as to why their website, eBay or Amazon account is littered with poor feedback, and why their business is failing to pick up. Whether it's a hardback, a paperback, a textbook, a comic book, or a journal - all publications of any type are vulnerable to being knocked about in the mail. Whether it's a mailing system automated 'runner belt', or an overzealous postman, books can and do take impact damage.
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Published 08.07.2019

Amazon Book Packaging

Shipping books? Here's your Ultimate Book Packaging Guide.

Whether you are selling books online, participate in a book exchange or are sending a book as a gift; learning the correct way to package and send a book can save you much time and money. At ParcelHero, our passion is shipping and we want to help you send your parcels wherever they need to go. Depending on the type of book you are sending there are different materials you will need. Ensuring your book is properly packaged is important to prevent any damages that may occur in transit. If you have bought your book new, then the last thing you want is your item to turn up with blemished or a ripped dust jacket. Paperback: If you are sending a paperback book, all you need is a small padded envelope to simply slide the book inside. The padded interior safeguards the book from any damaging knocks it may pick up as it travels and keeps your package small enough to fit through a letterbox.

To ensure safe delivery of your textbook s , make sure your package meets all the following requirements:. To ensure safe delivery of your textbook s , make sure your package meets all the following requirements: Books need to be packed tightly. You have to be able to pick up the box and not feel the books shifting inside. You may also cut the corners of the box. Secure the empty areas of the box with bubble-wrap or packing paper. Please do not use pellets.

What is the best way to package hard cover and soft cover books? I packed a few books by just wrapping them in brown paper. Does anyone have experience with this? Most books when I sell them, I mainly specialize in video games I wrap in bubble wrap, then plastic wrap that then wrap the kraft paper… label it and send it out. We keep three sizes of vinyl clad bubble envelopes in stock that happen to fit mass market paperback, trade paperbacks and most hardcovers.

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How to pack and ship a book so it doesn’t get damaged (fast & cheap).

In my opinion-and in this case it's a strongly held opinion-only one method all but guarantees the protection of a book in transit. Ironically, I've never received a book from a seller using this method, although I've had to return damaged books on several occasions, even one that was packaged with obvious deliberation and good intentions. It's a shame, because this method is not only the safest method I'm aware of, it's also the cheapest and most efficient. As you may already know, books are especially vulnerable in two areas--the corners and the hinges. One may argue that the bottom edges are vulnerable as well from sliding a book in and out of a shelf , not to mention the top and bottom of the backstrip from pulling on it while removing the book from the shelf. In any case, if you've examined many vintage books, I'm sure you'll agree that, more often than not, the corners are bumped, sometimes with accompanying tears that expose the cardboard interior, and the hinges are either loose in varying degrees or split altogether.

Please, no more cheap Book Mailers. Imagine trying to compare textbooks with a finely bound classic first edition. My odds of being pleased after opening a package seem to running around fifty percent. Can you imagine that? About half the books I order either show up with bumped corners or worse. Many of them are thrown in a simple bubble wrap envelop with no receipt, no protection from water leakage and zero protection from being tossed about during transport.

But truth is, improperly packed books often are the reason for an accidental mess in the back of the moving van. But packing books is another story. Unsurprisingly, house removals can be a stressful time for book lovers. Moving home is always going to be a very stressful event for anyone, not just for book lovers. Packing and moving all your stuff will take time and effort that most of us do not like to spare. And now, you at least know how to pack books before a move, so your precious darlings are safe and sound.


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    Wrap your books in plastic, sandwich them in cardboard, wrap them in paper, and add padding to the shipping container. Be sure to clearly address your package, and consider adding insurance and tracking information before sending your books by media mail. Wrap brown paper.

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    In fact, a report shows that paperback and hardcover book sales both rose in recent years.

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    How to Proper Pack Books for Buyback Shipping

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    How to Package Books for Shipping: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

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