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best novels based on video games

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Books about video games

Top Video Game Novels Of All Time

After I had watched the movies, it made me so much more intrigued about the lore. We as gamers love books that are based on our favorite games. Still others of us view video game novels as poor cash ins, poorly written and not worth our time when there is so much else that literature has to offer as a medium. I get that some of us are like that, and view video game books as a waste of time. For more exciting features and lists, please click here. Stay tuned to GamingBolt for more news and updates.

For a lot of people, a good computer game is the next evolutionary step that allows them to sink their teeth into a juicy mix of written, musical and motion picture arts. When done right, a video game becomes a work of art that strongly resonates with the players and gives way to spectacular immersion that is larger than any single form of entertainment. It goes without saying that the moment you are done with one particular game there is a strong desire to hang on to that particular feeling of immersion and seek comfort in other forms of entertainment, whether that be a book, a movie, or official soundtrack based on the game. The moment you devour this book, make sure you shift your focus to BioShock: Rapture. John Shirley has outdone himself and the readers can expect an even more detailed and more ardent world than the one seen in the games. The first Borderlands game was a welcome surprise that blew gamers away by combining Diablo elements from a shooter perspective with a wicked humor and cartoony graphics.

Like the games, the storyline of Alamut follows a secret society of killers dating back to 11th century Persia. Under the command of the insidious Hassan-i Sabbah, the denizens of Alamut exert a secret control over society before coming to question the philosophy underlying their zealotry. Like the story, the game concerns the last surviving human beings in a future where a cybernetic intelligence called AM has taken control as they struggle to endure a series of puzzles designed to test their humanity. Biochemical horror novel Parasite Eve by Hideaki Sena birthed a massive franchise in Japan, including manga, films, and a long-running video game series. Scott Fitzgerald, a larger-than-life personality that so captivated the imagination of developer Shigeru Miyamoto that he paid tribute to her with the title character of his Legend of Zelda for Nintendo. Though Fitzgerald was often considered a tragic figure, her 8-bit counterpart fared considerably better, which the Zelda games going on to be one of the most beloved series in video game history.

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“I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream” by Harlan Ellison (1968)

Wasn't sure if this belonged in General but it seems like Off-Topic is more appropriate. I'm an avid reader and over the summer have been finishing up my backlog of books to read. For some reason I have always enjoyed video game novels. Some of them are wonderful for filling out the lore of a particular world while others just contain a lot of action. So I am looking for some new game novels to add to my list. So far I have read many of the "Halo" novels and a few "Metal Gear" novels.


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