How to get a romance novel published

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how to get a romance novel published

10 Tips for Getting Published as a Romance Writer | Guilty Pleasures | POV | PBS

Disclaimer: There are as many paths to publication as there are writers. Step 1: Write a story. And if you want to sell a romance, you should probably write a romance. Read a lot. You will need a lot of words in your well in order to pump them back out onto your blank pages.
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How to Self-Publish Your First Book: Step-by-step tutorial for beginners

40 Romance Publishers Who Want Your Novel

Don't expect to be an instant success. Rejection is hard to bear but your mistakes will teach you something. Every trade has to be learned and learning is often painful. Keep trying, don't give up and in time you'll get there. Pick your market -- the publisher who produces the kind of books you most like to read. Most publishers have a tip sheet, dealing with such things as length, target market, popular themes and the best way to submit manuscripts.

Today, I have a great article from Yuwanda Black. She has an interesting side hustle making extra money writing romance novels. You see, my first romance novella had been an African American love story; my sister had written an interracial romance. Maybe I could earn more if I experimented with pricing more, but as I have a lot of books out now, I rely more on volume than anything else to make sales. Join the free email course and f inally learn how to manage your money better, pay off debt, save more money, and reach financial freedom.

You've worked hard writing your romance book , spending hours at your computer crafting your story, editing, rewriting, and making it the best it can possibly be.
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The Romance Plot

By Raquel Laneri. Joanne Lockyer may be a born-and-bred Australian, but her love affair with romance novels is an all-American obsession. She was 15, and her family had embarked on their first international road trip when, somewhere outside of Detroit, she ran out of reading material. She would wake at 4 a. But finishing the story was just the beginning. Lockyer opted to self-publish.

Kate Swanson wrote her first novel at 15, created her first blog in and has been writing for profit, and creating websites ever since. You have more chance of getting a book published in the Romance genre than anywhere else in mainstream publishing! Most book publishers are so inundated with manuscripts these days, they won't even look at anything sent by a writer - they only accept submissions from agents. It's almost impossible for an unpublished writer to find an agent, so effectively, the doors of most publishers are closed to most newbie writers. Sure, you can self-publish, or find an ebook publisher, but neither of those options will get your book in the High Street bookstores.


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